Guide to Player Housing

Have your sound turned on if you want to hear narrated guidance.

Get Your Housing

  • When entering the game, talk to the Housing Assistance NPC to receive a marker on the map showing the housing entrance
  • Walk to the housing entrance
  • Talk to the Housing vendor and right click on it to open the selection window
  • In the window, pick the layout you want to rent, pay the rent
  • Your selection moves to the top, which will make it easy to find when you come back
  • Click “Enter” for your selection

Get Furniture

Once you do that it will update the housing mission to tell you to purchase some furniture from the vendors. Walk around the building on both sides to locate them.

Right click on the vendor to make the selection panel appear. Click on your choices of furnishing to buy. They will then show in your inventory.

Enter Your Home

When you are done shopping, Right click on the housing entrance and select to enter the home with the layout you rented. That should take you to an instanced version of your home where you can decorate.

Decorate Your Space

  • To edit the appearance of the walls, floor, ceiling, and stairs, or to change the door, click on the gear icon.
  • Select which type you want to edit at the top of the control panel window such as Floor, or Ceiling
  • Select the materials, or even switch to a material that sees outside instead of seeing walls or a ceiling
  • Use the color wheels to colorize and customize
  • Ambient lighting can be adjusted in intensity and color at the bottom of the panel.

Select and Place Furniture

The housing GUI allows you to filter by categories and to click any of the furniture objects you have in your inventory to place them. Click on the “?” icon for a quick in-game refresher on controls.

Click objects in inventory to add them to your space.

Yellow: ready to be selected
Blue: selected
Red: object cannot be placed there. Move until it turns blue.

Undo: undoes last action

Select: CTRL + Right when object is yellow

Place Object:  Left click

While object is selected, drag over the icon for the desired action on the Housing Panel.
Select Resize on left most icon
Mouse wheel controls the resizing
Stretching or shrinking in one or two directions: click the corresponding letters
Resizing on all directions: uncheck the letters

While object is selected, drag over the icon for the desired action on the Housing Panel.
Select Rotation on left most icon
Click on the rotation icon to select the axis of rotation between Roll, Pitch, and Yaw
Mouse wheel rotates the object
How much the object turns with each increment of the wheel is the number displayed in the panel (1, 3, 5, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90)
The number can be changed by clicking repeatedly on it.

Return Object to Inventory: Right click

Edit Object Color and Other Options (Only available on some objects): SHFT + Right Click

Be sure to read the tooltips on each individual object because different objects can have different controls.

If an object has interactions (you can use it or speak to it), use CTRL+Right Click to do that in most cases, overriding the movement action. In any special cases like that, the details will be included in the tooltip.