The SoH Character Creator

Jan 27, 2017

This video demos the current version of our character creator. The Ship of Heroes character creator is a completely custom tool built by our devs using the tremendous power of Unreal Engine 4.13.2.

We’ve created our own costumes and art assets, and supplemented with purchased assets, each of which has been upgraded to fit our art style, skeleton, and technical specifications. The character creator is fully integrated into the game, including in the packaged versions of the game we use weekly for testing. Clever technical processes allow us to show beautiful in-game characters without excessive strain on server capacity.

We are using many advanced features that Unreal 4 enables:

Subsurface mapping on the skin to produce a subtle skin sheen
The latest eye model from Unreal, plus highly customized retinal textures
The most advanced Unreal hair shader
APEX physics for moving both hair and clothing realistically, including capes
In addition, we have custom coded each article of clothing to reduce clipping from costume parts that overlay each other.
Over 300 individual character morphs are showcased in the video, and the underlying databases are already in place to process up to 1,000 morphs.
Changing the character dimensions automatically changes the costume of the character wearing it. Color customization options are enormously flexible, allowing each piece to be separately colored with primary and secondary colors.

This character creator is our starting point, and we are showing the high quality of the characters that players can already create. From here it is a short step to having costume contests, and perhaps character contests, on a regular basis in Apotheosis City. See you there!

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