The New CCT

Sep 22, 2017

We’ve decided to showcase the latest version of Character Creation tool (CCT) by creating our signature hero, Ambassador.

This video is the first time we’ve shown a “big guy” character model being created, with all of the morphs, including some new ones. Of course, we’re using the more advanced character model we revealed in July.​

This video is also the first one in which we’re showing the powers selection feature in the CCT, including multiple primary and secondary powersets with several powers in each powerset. Not all of the named powers are fully developed with unique icons and descriptions yet, but this footage provides a strong indication of our progress to date. SoH has about 50 fully completed powers, and we are steadily increasing that number. Completed powers include damage and other stats, secondary effects, visual and sound FX, and animations.

As before, there is enormous potential variety in the way a single costume set can be used. Costume pieces can be mixed and matched, including with street clothing. We provide a shot of how the Ambassador costume would look in a few other color combinations and with a few pieces swapped out as an example.

The new CCT video is our third video for September, the other two being a trailer produced for PAX West, and a video of the PAX West panel.  We revealed the upgrades to the Science Park area in the PAX West trailer – that’s the location of the combat scene –as well as in other videos with YouTube interviewers.

As always, comments and suggestions are taken on our forums in the Ask the Devs section at, where a discussion of this video is already underway.

Technical Notes


This video also demonstrates the current condition of our character creator, just prior to our first CCT testing in a couple of weeks. We have integrated the new male models from July into the CCT, and are using the tool to create Ambassador for the first time. Ambassador is an example of the “big guy” character model.

We’ve added a zoom camera to the tabs in which it would be helpful to be able to zoom into the face, allowing players to see the eyes up close. We’ve also added description for the archetypes to the appropriate tabs.

The most important additions to the CCT since January are the powersets and powers. Currently, about 50 powers have been coded, animated, and have had FX and SFX applied to them. However, a great many more powers have been specified and are in the process of being developed, and many of these are visible in the CCT itself.

As previously stated, this character creator is our own original code, not a plugin from the Marketplace or other sources.

As always, comments and suggestions are taken on our forums in the Ask the Devs section at, where a discussion of this video is already underway.

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