Ship of Heroes logoThe community of Ship of Heroes includes those of us who have volunteered to create this game, and it also includes a dedicated team of technical and artistic contributors.  But for every game the biggest part of the community are the players.  The people who invest their time and their imagination into the characters they create, the teams they form, and the in-game community that springs up around them.

But before a game is launched, who is the community?  They are the amazing people who post in the forums, respond to the polls, and gently help the devs correct course when they head in the wrong direction.  They are the people who want to bring Ship of Heroes to life.

If you have reached this spot in the Ship of Heroes website, likely you already know about the game, the setting, the characters’ powers.  You have a vision for this game.  Share your vision with us.  Tell us what you’d like to see the game become.  We cannot implement every idea, and some of the requests from our community will directly conflict with other requests.  We all know this.  But at its core, this game is not about the devs.  It’s about you, the community.

Don’t just lurk on the forums, start posting!  Don’t just look at the polls, vote!  Ship of Heroes is not a story that we tell to you, and that you experience by advancing through the leveling curve, one mission at a time, running on pre-determined rails.  This is your story.  And it will happen at the same time, on the same Heroship, as thousands of other stories.  The interactions between the players that make up the community are part of the fun.  All those other players on the ship with you – they are a feature, not a bug.