Ship of Heroes Current Game UI.

This is the current version of the Ship of Heroes game UI.  We’ve chosen Ambassador, standing in Heroic Plaza, as the subject, and you can see most of the major game UI elements here.  What perhaps is a little different is that we are asking for your feedback and comments on the UI.  Nothing is set in stone at this point; we are still making changes.  There is a link below to a thread in our forums – please give us your thoughts.  Would you rather have the health bar shown in green and the energy shown in blue, instead of red and orange?  Many games use this color convention. Would you rather have square or round icons in the powers tray?  A square mini-map, or a round one?

Please visit our forums and tell us what you want to see.

We plan to show damage and healing along with loot notifications above the characters as they occur.  Team member health and buffs will be shown as well, probably on the left side of the screen.  Of course, everything we are showing here in the UI is customizable for players who want to move things around.

This is the same photo, but with some changes to the colors on the health and energy bars, and showing an example of round icons in the power trays.  In this example we threw in a few random icons as examples.

Note the blue bar at the bottom.  This is the experience bar.  The number 26,018 in the lower right is the amount of in-game money, or Dust, that the player has.

Here are some options that we considered for health/ energy bars:

And some more, if you like red for health:

Be sure to go to the forums and let us know your preferences.