The month-long pandemic community event gave us an enormous amount of positive feedback. Approximately a thousand people participated, showing strong interest in Ship of Heroes, so we are jumping forward with plans for a second, even more ambitious community event centered on fighting invasions – really big battles with dozens of heroes and enemies crammed into a small area on the open map of Apotheosis City. Not many modern MMOs can deliver this sort of epic brawl, especially not with the high-quality graphics SoH features; our optimization is some of the best in the world.

The Invasion event gave us insight into some of the places where we have pushed the boundaries of the Epic game engine, including in our efforts to get and sustain high FPS in crowded, active big battles. The event also gave us a list of key code improvements that will require months to implement; after that we’ll do some further community testing, most probably in early 2021. Some of the key things on which we have completed pre-event testing are the replication graph system for missions, destructible objects and mayhem missions, variable mob sizes responding to team sizes, and random boss placement in missions.

The other major focus of the second half of 2020 is mission creation. We’ve expanded the team involved with creating missions, and increased the creation tempo very significantly. We can do this only because we set the groundwork in place over the last few years. All mission creation rests on having one of the best CCTs in the MMORPG industry. It rests on having a large library of art objects and environments, on having both industry-standard and specialized code tools and processes, and on having specific stories and settings to help create a complex and immersive story. Some players will just want to run in and fight enemies, and that’s fine; however, there’s a lot going on inside the FHS Justice. We expect that most players will be engaged and discovering new details of the intricate plot for years as they replay missions on alts. Every line of dialog is just one piece in a very large puzzle.

Our community has consistently told us that we should launch once we have 40 hours or more of game content for a single alt. We will exceed that standard when we launch in 2021. But we can only launch once, and we insist on doing it right. Until the game is ready, we’ll continue to conduct community events, we’ll continue to fix problems as they’re discovered, and we’ll continue to be transparent about what happens!