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1408, 2021

Location Guide for 4 Key NPCs in the 2021 Summer Mission Beta Event

August 14th, 2021|

Location Guide for 4 Key NPCs in the 2021 Summer Mission Beta Event This video shows how to find the four signature heroes that are present during the 2021 Summer Beta Event. The event opens today, and runs through August 29th.  Each signature hero is in a different section of Apotheosis City and has at least one mission that players can take. We also show off how to find the Beta Club and the Snow Lair so that players can sample holiday [...]

1208, 2021

2021 Summer Mission Beta Event

August 12th, 2021|

2021 Summer Mission Beta Event We're showing off a massive boss fight in Showdown, the final mission of the Iris arc.  The Iris mission arc is available to everyone who registers for the event.  Donors are in the game now, playtesting the content to look for bugs, and non-donors will be allowed in on August 14th.  This mission video was carried out by a pick-up team of a couple of devs and one donor who met up in Apotheosis City [...]

408, 2021

How to Make SoH Obey Your Will

August 4th, 2021|

How to Make SoH Obey Your Will   You've done it!  You’ve made a character in Ship of Heroes.  They look awesome – or at least, they would if the screen and mouse were working right!  As it stands, you need help. That’s where this guide comes in.   The System Screen: How to Make the System Work for You   We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that the first thing anyone should do if they’re confused is press the escape button.  You’re” all [...]

3007, 2021

Iris Story Arc

July 30th, 2021|

Iris Story Arc Sign up here to join the upcoming mission Beta event.  This time we're showing off three new kinds of mission content: story arcs, challenge missions, and holiday missions. We have big plans for this guy. The largest amount of new content is in our first story arc.  This begins by talking to Ambassador; every character now receives an introductory mission to speak with him.  Later on, Ambassador will help players keep track of [...]

1907, 2021

The Mission Event and Utility Powers

July 19th, 2021|

The Mission Event and Utility Powers When a hero starts glowing like that, you know things are about to get serious. Signups for our upcoming mission Beta event will begin on July 31st! The event itself is scheduled for August 7th. More on that soon, but today, we want to update you on some aspects of powers in SoH that are important, and easy to overlook.   For those of you who were not able to join our previous events, when [...]

1806, 2021

The Mission Event Begins in July

June 18th, 2021|

The Mission Event Begins in July!   The Red Sigil will feature heavily in the upcoming event. We've been working hard to set up another Ship of Heroes Beta event, and now the time is approaching.  We have wanted to show off a full mission arc for some time, as well as some other missions.  It did take longer to bugfix than we had hoped, but you can expect to try out these missions in late June or July.  We [...]

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