Ship of Heroes needs to exist for many reasons.  For those of us who still mourn the closing of City of Heroes, we need a home.  That community needs an option to move forward with the story and events of the old game, into a new setting, with new challenges and new opponents — to see what might have come next in the saga.  They need to once again put on the cape and fly.


For those of us who were not part of the COH community, there are other reasons.  Perhaps you simply miss a big MMO with both PVE and PVP that also has harvesting, crafting, and trade.  Does the memory of Star Wars Galaxies call to you?  Or perhaps you’re just looking for a new game to play because you’ve done everything in all of the other games, and need a new challenge.  Do you and your guild buddies want to start something new together?

There is also this – how many of you would like to be involved in the beginning of a big new game?  Giving feedback to the devs directly and being part of a new community that is actually creating something right before your eyes?  How often have you played a game and heard others talking about their past experience in the Alpha and then the Beta?  This is your chance to join in and share that experience.  To become a Founder of Ship of Heroes.

Over the next five months we are committed to sharing our vision, our progress, and even our (hopefully rare) mis-steps with you so that you, the members of our community, can decide if you want to see our joint vision made real.  We’ve published a schedule of what we believe we can deliver in terms of development before we ask for your support in a Kickstarter next April or May.

But fundamentally we believe that we are creating a special kind of game: a game where you, the player, make your storylines happen in a unique and fulfilling setting.  You won’t be playing our story – you’ll be writing and then playing your own.  It’s going to be quite a ride.  Come and be a part of it!