What Makes Big Battles Fun? Tell Us!

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What Makes Big Battles Fun? Tell Us!

Postby Consultant » Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:00 am

One of the things that developers can get wrong occurs when they start thinking that everyone is like them. To prevent this, we want to ask all of you what you like best about big battles in other MMOs. The focus in this thread is on what you like. Of course, we're sure a few things that you do not like will creep onto the list as well, but let's try to keep a focus on the positive.

I can call out these positives, which I've mentioned in the past:

1. In a big battle, I often get a huge load of buffs from other players, or from the event, and this makes my character stride across the landscape in massively-overpowered mode. I love that.

2. The very large group is inherently fun. Part of the group could be doing one thing, while I'm on another part of the overall battle. It can feel like an inevitable tide of victory underway, and I'm part of it. The chat is often better too.

3. A large group can give rewards that are much better than standard combat.

4. Big battles allow a large team or raid group to fight and defeat enemies that would be too powerful for a single player or traditional team. In the same vein, we can fight a monster that is so powerful it inflicts huge casualties, and yet we get a victory in part because of our numbers.

5. The big battle can have important story implications that cannot be achieved in single play.

And what I do not like is when the best big bsttles are hidden behind paywalls, or only available as end game content, or take more time to organize than they do to play.

So how do you see things?

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Re: What Makes Big Battles Fun? Tell Us!

Postby JestersGhost » Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:56 am

I'd say I agree with all of your points, with 4 being the least important for me.

A version of 2: Especially in the super hero genre, the feeling of cooperation and unity, of all working together for a common goal, is thematic and powerful.

And I would add: more people means more enemies, means more going on. That leads to more interesting battles because there's always ten things happening at once, many more decisions to be made, priorities to weigh, etc.
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Re: What Makes Big Battles Fun? Tell Us!

Postby indigowulf » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:19 pm

TBH IDC about raid battles. I only care about the lore associated with them.
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