The Next Event

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Re: The Next Event

Postby Consultant » Tue May 12, 2020 7:54 am

We have more progress with internal testing. Not everything is going perfectly, but it is getting there. We may be able to cobble together a video of some of the highlights of the testing by the end of next week. That's not a firm promise, but we'd like to do it.

I've been told something that interests me. Over on the private servers that are hosting the old COH, I'm told that Hami raids are back and being performed frequently, often several times per night. Is that correct? I don't play on the private servers -- I'm a pretty public figure in this little arena of new superhero MMOs, and NC Soft has remained silent. But I'm curious if roughly 50-man raids are popular on the private servers.

Most other games like EQ2 and SWTOR don't have raids with 50 people, let alone larger groups. Larger raid sizes deliver lower FPS at a non-linear rate...which means performance drops off very, very quickly in those games, so many MMOs limit players to 24 or 16 man teams.

But COH does not limit players to smaller raid teams. They allow 50.

So the question is, how big do we want our largest raid team sizes to get? How big it too big? We might be able to go to 75 if there is a desire for it. Or even 100 heroes.

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Re: The Next Event

Postby Golden Ace » Tue May 12, 2020 9:09 am

Torchbearer server does 2 leagues a night. The ‘Before Dark’ and the ‘After Dark’ Leagues. Each league will do three Hami runs. The first league starts at around 8 PM and the second one will start around 9 PM Eastern time. Taking the Hamidon down 3 times can take as little as 15 minutes, but can last up to 45 minutes.

The methodology is quite simple, There are walls of monsters in several places around the hive. The league goes to a wall and defeats monsters for two reasons.

  • The first reason is to get the Hamidon to spawn. For every monster defeated there’s a chance the Hamidon will Spawn.
  • The second reason is to collect special inspirations that mitigates Hamidon damage Essence of the Earth (EOE‘s)
The league is divided up into four groups. One group is the main tank and a bunch of defenders. The Tank will Taunt the Hami and take all the alpha strikes - after being buffed by everybody in the league. the defenders will keep the Tank buffed and healthy while resurrecting anyone that dies on the other teams.

The remainder of the league will be divided up into three categories.

  • Ranged - who will go after the blue Mitos (Mitochondria Electrolytes). (Blue Mitos only take damaged from ranged attacks)
  • Melee - Who will go after the yellow Mitos Mitochondria Antibodies. ( yellow Mitos only take damage from melee attacks )
  • Holds - Who will go after the green Mitos (Mending Mitochondria). (Green Mitos only Take damage after they are held).
After all Mitos are done. Everyone will attack the Hamidon.

There are two ways in which to take him down.

The first is the way that torchbearer it

The first way.

Any damage dealing pets will be placed down to help deal damage. Usually this is divided into two groups the league has six teams. Teams 1, 2 and 3 will drop their pets for the first run. Teams for five and six will drop their pets for the second run. For the third run everyone’s that has a pet ready will drop it. Usually teams 1, 2 and 3 will have theirs recharged by then.

Everyone will focus damage on the Hami and ignore any Mitos that spawn. 99% of the time this will take him out within 60 seconds

The Hamidon will spawn more Mitos When his health drops down to 75%, 50%, and again at 25%

So there is a chance of getting a triple spawn of Mitos you would have to deal with. This can be, and has been done it takes time and basically, you have to go at the Mitos several times. The Hold and Ranged teams combine and go after the Blue Mitos. The Green Mitos are saved for last.

The second way.

Other servers Will take the Hamilton down to 75%, back out of the Jell-O, regroup, and take out the newly spawned Mitos.

Then will once again attack the Hamidon and bring him down to 50% when he spawns the second group of Mitos they will once again back out of the Jell-O, regroup, and take out the newly spawned Mitos.

They will repeat this process at the 75% spawn And then just take the Hamidon all the way down As he will not spawn anymore Mitos.

Taking the Hamidon down this way prevents any chance of a double or triple spawn. but takes a lot longer.

Torchbearer Does a league on Saturdays around noon in the Abyss (The Villain Hamidon zone) and take the Hamidon down 3 times using the second method.

Both the Hive and the Abyss are limited to 50 players, while the leagues are limited to 48 players (6 teams of 8 = 48). the Hive is constantly at max when the raids are going on, and there is almost always a line of people outside the hive trying to get in. seldom is there not enough people to fill up the hive.

I run the After Dark League, and occasionally the Before Dark League.
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Re: The Next Event

Postby GladDog » Thu May 14, 2020 9:57 am

On Excelsior it is a little different. We use the 2nd method, but with a few changes. The main tank is buffed to the skies with Adrenaline Boost, Rec Aura and Reg Aura, as well as Painbringer (Pain set). He takes an EoE and rushes in, taking a brutal amount of alpha strikes, which he survives because of the ridiculous amount of +regen he has with all of those buffs. There are two pro defenders that take care of the main tank, Often it is just one with others stopping for a quick drive-by buffing while trying (operative word is 'trying') to keep everyone alive. For this the Hami tank will usually take between 6-8 EoEs, depending on how much DPS is in the league, usually 7.

If there is a double spawn, the number of EoEs needed by the main tank goes up to about 12-13. It takes a while to wear down all of those mitos, and the main tank needs one per minute. Because of that if I am main tank I make sure I have 14 EoEs at the ready. If the main tank mender is Doc Deadeye, he keeps a ton of EoEs to give to the main tank if needed. He also has about 50 stored in the auction house, which can be recalled in game by typing /ah in the chat.

Once the first round of mitos is gone, we work the Hamidon down with regular attacks to 75%, the mitos respawn and then we take them out again. At this point the entire league drops any pets they have and start kabooming all over hami, and he is usually taken out in less than a minute.

I have a character for each of the teams; a Willpower tank (Highest consistent regen) that can be the Hami tank or a yellow mito taunter. I have a Pain Domination Defender that can take care of the main tank or keep the league (For the most part) alive, a Scrapper for Yellow team, a Corruptor for Blue team, and just recently I added a Controller for Green team.

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Re: The Next Event

Postby indigowulf » Thu May 14, 2020 9:53 pm

I'm on Everlasting. We do the same, with 4 sections of team: holds, ranged, melee, and tanks. Tanks skirt the outside taunting things, except our dedicated brick that keeps hami busy (hami now kills decoys a lot faster than he used to, so we cant really decoy tank like the good old days)
drop him to 75%, knock off the bloom, or if we are feeling frisky and he's going fast, just suck up the bloom and burn him with only holds on green from then on.

We also have regular rikti ship "dance parties" they call them. Bust the shield pylons and party in the bowl til they kick us out, then we get revenge by breaking their drop ship. Happens daily, sometimes repeatedly.
~indigowulf global, SG Feral Storm (future founder!)

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Re: The Next Event

Postby wayyyback » Tue May 19, 2020 5:32 pm

Count me in.
Got my new laptop, and ready to go!

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Re: The Next Event

Postby Consultant » Sat May 23, 2020 2:14 pm

I'd like to give a report on how we are getting ready for the next event -- mostly by testing. We have created a new simulated player tool which gives both enemies and heroes an AI, and allocates powers to them. Then we run big battles (sort of like the brawls that sometimes happen after English soccer matches, I'm told). We gathere statistics, check out powersets and general search for code, animation and FX issues that might be hampering play or reducing FPS.

One day I actually saw twelve videos from the testing (that takes a long time to record, and then to study).

The goal of all of this testing is to do our best to ensure that when you guys, our community, get in to test invasions with us, that we will have done everything that we can to make sure it does not crash, blow up or otherwise fail. It might still fail, but at least we've done all we can to prevent disappointment. :)

We're hoping to craft a video next week showing some of the test secnarios. It is really pretty interesting, if you are in to game development. And kind of impressive to see.

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Re: The Next Event

Postby Consultant » Thu May 28, 2020 7:16 am

For the next event we will be showing more types of invading Nagdellains than we have shown in the least six, including Nagdellian Shamans (healers).

So be warned! It will be a tough fight.

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Re: The Next Event

Postby Collision » Thu May 28, 2020 8:22 pm

I'd love to participate. I remember the SK'ing in COH was very helpful, especially amongst the new SG members/alts.

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