Chat needs help!

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Chat needs help!

Postby indigowulf » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:24 pm

A few things chat needs,
1- priority for chat, desperately needs the option to move things to a different window/tab. I'm trying to fight and hold a conversation, fight rewards spam my chat and I have to scroll up to see what my friends said.
2-once we can decide what tab info should be placed on, I'd like to see MORE info available. "you earned 150 exp" ok that's nice but why? was it explore? was it a kill? something else?
3-crafting feedback. "you used x y z, and created common/uncommon item in this amount"
4-somewhere down the line- let us make global chat channels. ei. old pinnbadges, LFTF chat, dedicated SG chat, etc.
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