A few improvement requests.

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A few improvement requests.

Postby ACimnecro » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:58 pm

I noticed a few things while playing so far that I think could use some improvements:

1. Server stability. The game has crashed multiple times since this afternoon. I barely get to play for 15 minutes before I'm booted. I know this is a blatantly obvious one, but I feel I should mention it.

2. Clipping and bugs. While I was just playing I had 2 dark items floating around my character and would not leave. I was going to log in and out but it crashed so I didn't know if that was fixable.

3. Movement: The movement abilities could use some polish. Flight feels wonky. sometimes it works fine sometimes i can't move forward or backward just up. While super speed is much better it's still hard to control and feels like riding a refrigerator on a roller skate.

4. Character creation color palate. I think for people that like to set up color schemes it'd be cool if you guys added a button/palate that you can click on and have it auto set the color scheme to all equipped items.

5. The cars driving on the road seem oddly small compared to the people. I think if you're going to have traffic the cars might need to be larger.

6. Combat. I think combat needs more impact. I don't know how to explain it but it doesn't feel like you're "Hitting" the enemies that you're attack. The best example i can give is the difference between everquest combat compared to Batman Arkham city. I know this game isn't anything like a single player combat game, but maybe there is something you can do to have a sort of impact feeling.

7. Power sets: I feel odd making a devastator and having to select a support secondary power set. Id like to see someone able to select completely open power sets for the secondary. ( I want to make a dark magic devastator with Ice Magic. or a support with a defense and healing power sets.)

8. experience sharing or instanced zones. While I'm leveling myself on the beach I've noticed people tend to jump into the fray and kill mobs I'm fighting. This is fine except for the fact that i lose all my experience every time someone else jumps in and starts killing. This is fostering an environment of hostility and resentment. Please make it so that everyone who attacks gets exp or make instanced zones for quests so that we can level unimpeded by over zealous heroes.

9. Funky mob agro range. While playing on the beach and killing Negdalins i've noticed a rather strange agro range from them. If you engage one some other will engage within a certain distance from the original target, but should you move an inch or two away they will stop fighting and turn back to standing around and then immediately engage after you returning to that distance.

Meanwhile in front of the industrial complex the crazed negdalin you're supposed to hunt 1 of hangs around in a pack of 20 or so and will engage you from across the park.

10. Searing Aura and auras in general. They stay on "Permanently" but will drain your energy. I've noticed that when my energy is drained completely with searing aura being the worst offender i can not turn it off if i have under 10 energy. It stays on and prevents me from gaining any energy back. I have to go buy those energy boosts just to shut it off. perhaps having it auto disable once you are below it's energy requirement.

11. Speaking of energy... I noticed it doesn't raise with levels. How about stat points allowing you to boost either health or energy for every odd level?
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Re: A few improvement requests.

Postby ACimnecro » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:29 pm

now that i've logged back in the cars are bigger/normal sized and the super speed feels much more in control. maybe my other characters where just bugged.

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