True Heroism?

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True Heroism?

Postby Actjcksn » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:10 am

I was thinking of Ship of Heroes and what some of the different potential powers and builds would be. I was also thinking of the Hero movies and series that are available. Then something occurred to me. In the MMOs and games I've played(which isn't alot compared to some), I've seen NPCs walking around with some giving missions, and some may run away when the fighting or disaster occurs. However, what I haven't seen is NPCs taking damage and/or dying. One of the cores of Heroes, what drives them, is protecting the people. Defeating the bad guys is one way to protect the people, but do they really need protecting if they can't get hurt?

My suggestion is to let NPCs take damage. They could have a damage bar similar to what heroes and villains have and the NPCs may be targeted. NPC damage can come from villains, heroes, or environment(like from a gas leak, natural disaster, etc.). It would be up to the heroes to keep any NPCs in their vicinity alive. If any NPC damage comes from you, that goes against you. If a NPC dies near you, that goes against you. However, you get credit for healing and shielding a NPC. Any NPCs in your vicinity still alive after the fighting is over you get credit for. Credit could be experience and/or prestige. Also, items may be given to NPCs to help keep them alive, especially useful for non-defender/controller type characters. When villians are added, they can get infamy for killing NPCs(I don't think they should get experience for mass murder, however, nobody will want to mess with someone who doesn't care if there is collateral damage). The reward for Heroes saving NPCs should be much greater than for Villains killing NPCs(Villains should be encouraged to do missions rather than street sweeping NPCs).

Credit for saving NPCs would be evenly spread out for a group and missions could be created to only NPCs. This could also change street sweeping dramatically if large groups of NPCs are close to large groups of vilains. A group may want to dedicate one person to keeping NPCs alive. If you get in over your head and are near death, you may want to just die rather than run past some NPCs and risk them getting in the crossfire(If they die near you, your debt would be much greater).

I've even thought that maybe 1 in 10 NPCs(I just made up the ratio) would try to fight back against whoever gave them damage(only valid with villain or hero damage). Then maybe an energy bar could be added. And maybe 1 in 10(again, just made up the ratio) of those NPCs who fight back could have some random power. Just a thought.

I believe now would be the time to implement this idea while everything is being evaluated and optimized, even though I'm sure this will impact frame rates. There's much that could be done with this proposed idea and it could make people really feel like Heroes protecting the people. What do you think?
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Re: True Heroism?

Postby Odee » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:24 am

Sounds similar to the Vanguard patrols in City of Heroes. I can see it being implemented in missions, but would be a major pain in zones, if everything in sight was attacking something or the other.
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Re: True Heroism?

Postby olepi » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:14 pm

ESO has something like this. NPC's can take damage, and if you do the damage, you get put on the wanted list. Then any NPC guards may attack you.

So you can break into someone's house, and kill them, and steal all their stuff. But if you are seen, you become an outlaw and will be attacked on sight by other NPC's.
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Re: True Heroism?

Postby Consultant » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:05 am

This is an interesting idea and we've been thinking about a variant of this. We all know that various groups are tyring to seize control of the ship from the supers -- Nagdellians, Prometheans, Red Sigil, Rogue Robots, etc...along with the mercenaries who are passengers more often than anything else, but would love to seize a prize like the Justice.

Suppose a big event happened in which a huge Nagdellian invasion appeared about to succeed, with the potential death of every person aboard the ship...Would the Prometheans boil out of thier tunnels to attack the Nagdellians? Would ordinary civilians toss down their coats and be revealed as Red Sigil Masters, when they suddenly fight back?

It might be very cool...

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Re: True Heroism?

Postby Golden Ace » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:50 pm

Of course the Red Sigil would help they are after all the rulers of the ship. It’s just that most people don’t realize that because they rule in secret.

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