Useable Furniture and Items?

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Useable Furniture and Items?

Postby Odee » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:02 pm

Just read the latest News Letter date 3/23-21 and am pumped for release this year please.
That said; 1. Will our toons be able to use a Sit emote/key command and actually sit at tables, on benches, and such?
2. We go to an Elevator, and press the button? Or are elevators and trams presumed to be voice commanded?
3. Use phone booths or emotes when changing costumes?
4. Actually hop on and ride in boats, or trucks? Cars I'd imagine would honk noisily and slam the break dumping you.
5. When will we see what kind of staves Staff fighters can use?

There are more questions, but these are my primary ones for now. :D
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Re: Useable Furniture and Items?

Postby SweetSugar » Sat Apr 03, 2021 6:24 pm

In Second life, you can click any flat item and sit, or you can sit on the floor, or through scripting, you can place an avatar and apply animations - even down to 2/3/4 person animations for cuddling/kissing/etc.

Not that we need making out actions, but sipping tea and conversing might be worth exploring.

Now I know that in this genre you're gonna have people from pixie size to Hulk, so maybe a "couch" might not work for all avatar sizes.

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