CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

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CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby Golden Ace » Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:42 pm

The new server ate a few of the chat logs. For those curious, here are the messages that survived.

Green fonts are for general questions
Blue fonts are for fun conversations
Orange fonts are for content questions
Purple fonts are for FPS readings and technical glitches

Consultant1: Hello everyone. This is the closing questions portion of the Beta
Consultant1: Does anyone want to start with questions?

Madame Rascal: did you have fun?
Consultant1: Well, i had fun, what about the rest of you?
Consultant1: That's what we like to hear.
Madame Rascal: that is good. I had a lot of fun!
Consultant1: Btw, FPS over 100

Consultant1: you mean revised schedule?
Consultant1: Yes we will. First we will look at the to-do list and then at the next steps.

Consultant1: Erasmus, chat bubbles and y-axis?
Erasmus Hurt: ugh wanted that in global sec
Erasmus Hurt: we need to get both in as options to interface
Erasmus Hurt: next test
Consultant1: Bigger than the one we have? it's expandable you know.
Consultant1: No, actually not. We've already fixed most of it.
Consultant1: grab the corner and pull

Penniguin: what has been the biggest struggle so far?
Consultant1: For this test? We changed server vendors and we're not really that happy with the new one.

Erasmus Hurt: on a sidenote on the map you can drag the edges to make it larger
Erasmus Hurt: and move it aroud as well
Madame Rascal: you can drag all the UI elements where you want them
Madame Rascal: You can also make all the UI disappear with Alt + U[/color]

Midknyghte: How many extra hot bars will we be able to open up?
Consultant1: Erasmus? 3? 4?
Erasmus Hurt: we have internal key bindings for 4
Erasmus Hurt: just no interface to open them yet.
Erasmus Hurt: so i'd say 4. just need to get an interface way to open the others
Consultant1: That's how we use it too.

Erasmus Hurt: a number of people have gotten that one. the fatal crash? it's a high priority to figure out after the test.
Erasmus Hurt: i haven't been able to duplicate it though. and it was easier during test to focus on things that were fixable that one could take some time as its like a needle in a haystack
Penniguin: i got the pop up error a few times
Erasmus Hurt: yes, if you want to send us any logs they are in your SOHGame/CleanThirdPerson/Saved/Logs directory
Erasmus Hurt: also if you plan on uninstalling the game and want to keep your Appearance or Costume saves you can back them up in your SOHGame/CleanThirdPerson/Saved/Appearance directory

Midknyghte: will we be able to resize the chat window? Drag it vertically or horizontally?
Madame Rascal: yes you can resize and move the chat window
Consultant1: I can drag my chat window right and also resize it
Midknyghte: Got it, bottom right corner to drag it for a resize.

Consultant1: The next Beta is going to be a group combat Beta, which means invasion testing
Consultant1: We have one guy just on Lore and it is coming along really well.
Consultant1: He wants to remain anonymous for now.

Penniguin: do you guys think that you will allow player mods down the road?
Erasmus Hurt: like UI mods?
Penniguin: that and or any other kinds
Consultant1: About the UI mods, did we answer that question?
Erasmus Hurt: not on UI mods. on content i mentioned there will be a mission generator its already working internally. on UI mods thats your call.
Erasmus Hurt: the UI is not set up for it currently but it can be made so if there is demand/desire for it
Penniguin: got it

Consultant1: In the next Beta players will get to make a character or use the one from this Beta
Consultant1: Before the invasion, you’ll have a chance to level up your character, buy augment and infusions, and test your powers
Zavage: Cool
Celtic Torch: nice
Penniguin: wow, that sounds exciting

Social Hermit: so we will have large raid like teams?..and also smaller teams if we like for the next test?
Penniguin: nice
Rhapsody Blue: the wait will be the death of me lol
Zavage: sweet
Consultant1: team size can vary form one to ten
Social Hermit: ty
Penniguin: *agrees with rhasody blue*
Zavage: no kidding\

Calypse: Any plans to get us off the ship at any stage? Like going to other ships or planets?
Consultant1: Other worlds are definitely on the list, but for the future.
Consultant1: We are working on controller powersets now. After we recover from this Beta we'll begin some early testing.

Erasmus Hurt: we have a variety of mission goal types in that system so far including kill, interact, destroy, etc
Erasmus Hurt: and you'll be able to specify multiple goals for a mission
Consultant1: We'rer also looking at our version of Mayhem missions.
Penniguin: the potential for growth is amazing
Penniguin: so exciting
Celtic Torch: I like the mayhem/safeguard missions, its cool you guys are doing a ship version

Midknyghte: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Celtic Torch: European or african?
Consultant1: European of African?
Erasmus Hurt: about 65 km?
Consultant1: Did I ever mention that our community sort of well-aligned culturally?
Celtic Torch: lol

Calypse: Just as a matter of interest,when there are other ship sections built, how will we get to them? Are you planning on using the transit system like CoH did? ;)
Consultant1: Elevators to other levels. You can see them on the edge of the map now
Midknyghte: Next question...

Midknyghte: What is best in life?
Consultant1: They told me not to talk about the lamentations of the women...
Celtic Torch: lol

Penniguin: so what about ambushes?
Erasmus Hurt: im confused by the ambush question. do you mean like in teh city
Erasmus Hurt: you are walking around and mobs spawn around you and ambush you?
Erasmus Hurt: or inside a mission?
Consultant1: Or run up by surprise
Penniguin: either missions or random
Social Hermit: ill ambush you if you like?
Erasmus Hurt: they are supported in missions currently we have them in a test mission
Erasmus Hurt: outside they are supported via the public quest system but we dont have any yet
Erasmus Hurt: public quest system would be like the Cleaning Up the City mission that pops up near city hall. we can spawn them via those and make them rare
Penniguin: i hate them, but i love them, they keep me on my toes
Erasmus Hurt: but to date we do not have any ambushes set up
Consultant1: invasions are one example of a public quest.
Penniguin: its a suprise
Erasmus Hurt: we do have an invasion event at the spot we are standing occasinally set up but it was disabled for this test
Penniguin: haaaaa i love it
Consultant1: It is do-able.

Midknyghte: that was your plan? Get her!?
Consultant1: Ghostbusters?
Midknyghte: indeed :

Calypse: any decision on player housing?
Consultant1: Player housing is after we work out harvesting and crafting, I think.

Social Hermit: as you hover over options in "settings"..a brief description of the what the changes do would be nice
Erasmus Hurt: agreed on that one.
Consultant1: Tool tips for setting will be needed.
Consultant1: Our community if freindly so we like to roll out new stuff in alphas and betas. thank you all ofr helping!

Midknyghte: Sorry, I am terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.
Social Hermit: i can see this being an anjoyable home to share with my new firnds...thank you (even though I am a social hermit)
Social Hermit: i wish i had more time to explore...i had a lot of work stuff this week
Consultant1: Positive community is a big part of this game.
Zavage: same here - work
Consultant1: We want to make it safe to join a PUG again.

Zavage: have 50-60
Calypse: I hagve that crash incoming feeling...
Madame Rascal: 73
Consultant1: FPS is 75 now.
Celtic Torch: 67
Social Hermit: 77
Fate: 32-35
Rhapsody Blue: 46
Consultant1: If it craches, wait 2 minutes and log back in.
Midknyghte: started at 88, but steadily dropping, FPS is at 67 right now.
Calypse: think we're all keen to see the game do well, these alpha's and beta's are the only time we can really do anything to help ;)
Zavage: agreede
Consultant1: In terms of FPS, I'll just say it's a big deal. It's so very easy to make a game and put FPS off to the end. But that way lies madness...
Erasmus Hurt: the dropping fps btw is a memory leak. it will slowly drop the longer we are in game as the memory size grows
Consultant1: But we can fix it.
Erasmus Hurt: will need to track that down after the test. those are fixable just a pain to find
Midknyghte: I figured as much. Thanks for th confirmation.
Consultant1: Another reason why these Betas are valuable.
Incarnate: some areas seem to trigger FPS drops more than others though
Madame Rascal: down from 73 to 63
Erasmus Hurt: we believe the leak is in the particle system. and the worst cause is superspeed.
Erasmus Hurt: but not 100%

Social Hermit: will player collision be a thing?
Consultant1: On player collision, we are currently not planning for it. In COH an old man with a cane could shove aside a level 53 Incarnate
Social Hermit: hehe
Consultant1: also player collision provides an opportunity for griefing
Calypse: that was fun., talkingf to a contact and being pushed out of range by a passing npc
Midknyghte: I wouldn't mind taking a bit of damage if I get hit by a car while playing in the street...
Incarnate: collision with the vehicles might be fine. but not with NPCs or players
Midknyghte: just me or are the portraits doing callisthenics?
Erasmus Hurt: one note on the civilians and vehicles here. most of the ones you see randomly walkign around are rendered client side
Midknyghte: of course....
Erasmus Hurt: you can adjust how many there are
Erasmus Hurt: in your settings
Midknyghte: I would also like to see a car take damage if it hits my tank...
Erasmus Hurt: System SEttings-> Manual Tab there is an option called Civilian Density
Penniguin: wow, nice
Consultant1: Each wave will have some number of players...30, -- 50 if we can manafge it.
Erasmus Hurt: if you set that to like 4 you'll see way more. ifyou have low frame rates set it to a lower number. that happens though as you move so you wont see until you start moving around and it spawns new ones
Calypse: the bounce on collisoon could be toned down a bit, while flying if you hit anything you bounce a bit too far, I think
Incarnate: is that why most of the cars have no collision? except that one bronze and blue maniac
Erasmus Hurt: yeah they dont actually exist on teh server is why no collision on them htey are just a visual cue. not on all some do exist, you can land on teh train for example
Erasmus Hurt: and interact with some npcs, those are server side.
Erasmus Hurt: the others are decorations
Incarnate: i challenged the train to chicken. it's rather stubborn
Erasmus Hurt: ok will get that fixed that is a bug
Calypse: the train ended my attempt to run round the track

Midknyghte: I noticed when I put away my torch yesterday the particle effect lasted a long long time afterwards
Incarnate: seems plausible, does the space map use particles?
Consultant1: Cool downs are palceholders in many cases.
Erasmus Hurt: going to be a lot of balance still with the power system. we sort of mass got everything working for the test, but much work to do there still FX wise, animation wise, and balance wise.
Zavage: Game is looking great; interesting crowd. Gotta go pay the bills. CYA all...
Calypse: bye
Consultant1: Thank you! enjoy

Penniguin: aproximatley when do think the next beta will be?
Consultant1: We’re aiming for Q1 of 2020 for the next Beta, but no date is set yet.
Penniguin: gotcha, thank you
Consultant1: The next Beta will proceed in waves.
Consultant1: Each wave will have some number of players...30, -- 50 if we can manage it.

Calypse: ah, here's an annoyance - when a new message comes in it pushes you b=back down to the chat window to show it, its annoying if you;re trying to scroll up to read missed messages
Erasmus Hurt: hmm good point you sohuld be able to right click to disable but doesn't work

Calypse: sooooooo... what's actually inside the arch? :
Consultant1: Sort of the Fort Knox of the ship is inside the Arch, and the site was shown in a video once too.

Midknyghte: Will we be able to custom color our powers?
Consultant1: Eventually yes.

Celtic Torch: so the arch will be a target of the ships enemies?
Rhapsody Blue: So someone can become an Arch Villian?
Calypse: lol
Consultant1: Nagdellian invasions target the Arch
Celtic Torch: nice
Midknyghte: I am an arch villain in RL, I come here to play a hero.
Incarnate: unfortunate for the Nagdellians that we can teleport here
Consultant1: Everyone needs escape.
Midknyghte: some more than others. ;)

Calypse: what happens if we fail to repel an attack? do the ships 'security forces' grudgingly come and do it for us or are there some follow-up effects?
Erasmus Hurt: the public quest system supports mutating PQs. so every stage has a success or fail
Consultant1: The Nags get some of our Dust, and something negative needs to happen.
Midknyghte: The idea of a recapture scenario is nice.
Consultant1: Yes, we should be raiding them!
Erasmus Hurt: and those can branch on to a new one or end. so we have a lot of flexibility there. they could take over an area permanently until players take it back
Incarnate: look I get distracted by shinies sometimes
Celtic Torch: that is cool
Consultant1: We all do!
Consultant1: Home alone 2
Social Hermit: im enjoying the music
Incarnate: precious...
Midknyghte: speaking of shiny, the reflective surfaces are nicely done.
Celtic Torch: yes the music is very relaxing,
Rhapsody Blue: yes I agree
Celtic Torch: the surfaces are great
Incarnate: one of those buildings is so reflective i felt like i was assessing a stealthed building
Rhapsody Blue: Though when I saw my reflection I was seeing the back of me instead of front
Midknyghte: hoping for metalic skin that reflects the same way.
Consultant1: Reflections are very cool. I feel like saying thank you Epic.
Consultant1: Yes they would
Midknyghte: bah...prisons...just space 'em...
Consultant1: Varying skins can be done too. We're set up to be able to add them.

Incarnate: i'm here to raid ships and save people. and the people are safe
Consultant1: We like to have everything working, then make additions, then test again.
Consultant1: FHS Justice prisons are more secure than Arkham's
Celtic Torch: a paper bag is more secure than arkam
Midknyghte: there is nothing more secure than the whoosh of an air lock.

Incarnate: btw latency in this isn't noticeable, which is good
Consultant1: FPS of 70

Social Hermit: can you toggle off your nameplate?
Incarnate: press N for nameplate

Calypse: dunno if it's my settings but the white in the sky and the reflections (and the auction house floor) is really very very bright white
Erasmus Hurt: will get that fixed in the next test.

Erasmus Hurt: so the badge system is sadly bugged in this build. but i was wary to tear the server apart too much during the test.
Social Hermit: ah,..tyvm
Erasmus Hurt: when you go aroud the city and you see the You Have Discovered...
Incarnate: so screenshots for the badge? :
Consultant1: We will work out the badges retroactively, if we can.
Midknyghte: Badges?
Erasmus Hurt: those are actually badges. the next time should be "You have visited"
Midknyghte: We don't need...nevermind
Celtic Torch: you guys had a enuff to do this round {but badges are cool}
Calypse: course we do, loads and loads of exploration badges ;)
Erasmus Hurt: you'll also receive experience on all of those.
Incarnate: badges are shinies
Incarnate: we don't mess with badgers
Midknyghte: badges would be better if there was some way to display them
Calypse: badges go with displayable titles ;)
Incarnate: like a title?
Midknyghte: get some suspenders and attach them as flair...
Incarnate: Incarnate, Finder of Bugs

Consultant1: But you'll all be back for the next Beta, right?
Calypse: wild horses wouldn't keep me away...
Consultant1: Fly in the air and type /sit for an invisible horse.
Calypse: rofl
Incarnate: i use it for exercise when not flying
Incarnate: air chair
Incarnate: and when tired
Incarnate: the feet look weird in this emote
Incarnate: ankles should not do that...

ShockHouse: I was reading there are mostly mez controller sets in the works for launch. Is there a Storm/Weather manipulation controller set coming?
Consultant1: Storm weather controllers are cool, but we do not have a specific schedule for them yet.
ShockHouse: ok, thx

Erasmus Hurt: in the future you'll be able to click something to interact with benches and chairs in game. there are some benches near city hall up on the two platforms on teh side. if you use numpad 1 on the 3 benches its set up for thats a quick override to see a prevfiew
Celtic Torch: I would sit but this skirt is a little too short
Erasmus Hurt: but currently is only enabled for those three benches
Incarnate: ah, i didn't know about the bench option
ShockHouse: sitting on a invisible or using the bathroom...who knows

Calypse: what happens to the beta club after the beta? It's too good to just chuck in the recycle bin!
Consultant1: it stays, people like the club
Incarnate: maybe become Prometheus Club?
Celtic Torch: you guys did a great job with the club
ShockHouse: nvr found the portal for the club
Calypse: it's over the lake
Erasmus Hurt: its just over the water in a hole in a building
Incarnate: we'll take you there quick :
Consultant1: In the hazard zone there is a ruind building with a cave and a portal, click the portal
ShockHouse: ok..i will give another go..thx
ShockHouse: i've benn next to this bdg for how many times, and simply did not see the entrance. thx again
ShockHouse: nice!

Celtic Torch: The hospital was fantastic too, loved the doors
Incarnate: is entry to the club and hospital working again?
Erasmus Hurt: yes
Calypse: yep, I took a few more screenshows earlier today, all working now
Consultant1: Of course I gave, just one press tour.
Calypse: screenshots too
Incarnate: cool
Consultant1: the reporter ws trapped in the hospital.
Erasmus Hurt: only time i've heard of that happening too hehe
Consultant1: We still do not know exactly how...
Erasmus Hurt: did anyone else get stuck in the instanaces?
Calypse: nope, if I crashed I found myself back outside
Midknyghte: I flew through the ceiling of the hospital and fell through the world
Incarnate: it took me a while to find the hospital exit but not actually stuck
Calypse: teleport takes you to the exits
Consultant1: yes it does
Erasmus Hurt: we need to get a flashing effect on the exit doors when you mouse over them to make it easier
Incarnate: yes please
Consultant1: Good idea
Calypse: that would he usewful on anything a player can interact with
Celtic Torch: yes
Rhapsody Blue: write it down on the to do list
Midknyghte: Only in a super hero MMO can you say you flew through the ceiling of a building and fell through the world and not sound like you are on drugs
Erasmus Hurt: i'm adding things to the list as we go
Celtic Torch: yes, I think I might just hang out in her office
Incarnate: let's hope the hospital had insurance for the flying
Consultant1: Sabre lost the cursor too, just like MJ from MOP.
Midknyghte: Speaking of falling, the animation needs work
ShockHouse: they don't serve coffee in here
Incarnate: yes no coffee makes a cranky antihero
ShockHouse: coffee in the beta :
ShockHouse: i will be saving people drowsy I suppose

Incarnate: also, nice cape Erasmus
Calypse: sorry, didn't notice! nice cape... when did you get that?
Incarnate: that's a nice cape too Sumsare. i didn't have any options for back items
Consultant1: Capes will almost certainly be in the future Betas...unless we find them inpacting FPS too much.
Calypse: capes had to be earned in CoH before they changed them
Consultant1: Exactly. that is our plan too.
Celtic Torch: Plus the quest for the cape incorporated the lore of the game
Incarnate: i want a hooded cloak and full face mask, but i don't mind having to earn a back slot or something

Incarnate: is 4k resolution planned by any chance?
Consultant1: 4k -- Erasmus?
Erasmus Hurt: i don't have a 4k monitor to test. i assume it isn't working?
Incarnate: no i don't have the option for 4k res
Erasmus Hurt: ok will look into it
Incarnate: it works fine on HD, no real pixelation
Consultant1: I'm on 1920 by 1080 guy
Incarnate: ah wait, i have 4k on Fullscreen mode
Incarnate: but not Fullscreen windowed
Erasmus Hurt: ok will add a note to the list. i'm 4k ignorant on 1080 still
Incarnate: lol. my FPS went up slightly on 4k
Incarnate: 40 fpt on 3840x2160 on Ultra on a 1070

Incarnate: does Global chat restrict to the instance zone?
Erasmus Hurt: global should work across instances
Rhapsody Blue: Cool I like that plan

Calypse: that reminds me, any plans for 'not so epic' archetypes, like the Kheldians, thta had to be earned by reaching max level?
Rhapsody Blue: I agree stealth
Consultant1: IMO, Kheldians were a first cut at end game content

Tomblady: Will the hair get movement? Some haircuts look like concrete
Erasmus Hurt: it supports it now but many of the hairs don't have physics assets currently
Midknyghte: you want some bob in your weave?
Tomblady: The long sidecut on females
ShockHouse: lol

Consultant1: Did everyone get to swim? To try the vendors? To test powers?
Rhapsody Blue: I did
Celtic Torch: I did
Tomblady: not enough dust for vendors
Incarnate: the vendors seem to want currency. my word as a hero was not enough
Consultant1: We actually did not plan for any of that, but it's here, so why not?
Celtic Torch: yes thanks for having the dummies up there
Consultant1: Erasmus can give you currency
Incarnate: flying in water was much faster than swimming
Erasmus Hurt: sure how much should i dole out?
Consultant1: 5,000
Incarnate: *Dr Evil pose* 1 million
Social Hermit: ty
Celtic Torch: thanks Erasmus
Tomblady: thanks
Midknyghte: thanks
Penniguin: indeed thank you'
Madame Rascal: thanks!
Consultant1: There are vendors in Science Park and also in front of the hospital
Rhapsody Blue: Thanks
Incarnate: thank you sir
Erasmus Hurt: did i miss anyone?
Consultant1: Thanks, Erasmus
Incarnate: i need to show the vendors my word is good. i will continue in Global
Erasmus Hurt: there is a blue circle near the inventory in lower right if your number next to it is 0 please let me know
Erasmus Hurt: you can spend dust later at vendors in science park or in front of the hospital
Consultant1: Origin types are kind of odd...we never really did much with them in COH
ShockHouse: hey, may i have some of that there dust?
Social Hermit: tyvm
Erasmus Hurt: sure where are you shockhouse?
Rhapsody Blue: Shopping!(rubs hands together
ShockHouse: cool..Thank You

Social Hermit: this may sound stupid...but will there be unherolike options for costumes?..I usually make myself a hobo..tatered clothes and all
Consultant1: We do plan to have a lot more costume pieces at launch, and also civilian clothes in the CCT

Calypse: most of the powers I selected didn't work on the dummies, guess I just chose the wrong ones ;)
Consultant1: Our story is more integrated. You get powers by birth, by learning magic, by being augmented technologically, etc.
Incarnate: i assume we can simply have our own backstories or origin stories?
Celtic Torch: yeah really the only issue was finding right enhancements for origins
Consultant1: YES! write your own stories. You have that freedom.

Midknyghte: about eyes
Midknyghte: I am sure there will be more options....
Midknyghte: but why not set specific designs and then allow for customizing colors?
Consultant1: Self coloring the eyes is surprisingly complicated, if you want them to really look good.
Midknyghte: even if it was just a handful of workign colors though
Consultant1: We had a world-class artist make multiple eyes with imprints from real people in some cases.
Midknyghte: I was hoping for some solid color eyes that glow
Consultant1: We will look at the eyes again.
Madame Rascal: there are a couple of single color eyes that glow
Midknyghte: I was just thinking of some solid eyes, no pupil, no iris.
Erasmus Hurt: the eye glow was added at the last minute to test as a player request. we'll need to get some more colors in ther efor them in the future
Midknyghte: sweet, thanks
Incarnate: i have green glowing eyes
Madame Rascal: ah! Got it on the eyes
Incarnate: i would like black sclera and glowing eyes though
ShockHouse: oh, the eye glow is avail....That was me asking for that..>NICE
Erasmus Hurt: yeah that would be cool. or reptilian eyes would be great too
ShockHouse: well, maybe one of many
Midknyghte: cat eyes, goat eyes...

Penniguin: earlier in the beta, I could push down the center mouse button for auto run and fly. I can not do that today. Will you be changing that back?
Incarnate: is it just me or is City Hall floating?
Rhapsody Blue: put the lime in the coconut, and drink it all up
Erasmus Hurt: i didn't make those changes so i'm not sure what changed there. i'll add a note for the guy who integrated them. sounds like an unexpected byproduct
Calypse: you can set keybinds properly not but some were wiped out by the update and I had to set them again
Calypse: *now
ShockHouse: hall looks fine to me
Penniguin: okay, checking key bindings, thank you
Incarnate: i can't access the other keybind options. only movement
Consultant1: Which keybinds don't work?
Incarnate: oh and can it be set to use Esc key to close menus? i'm ingrained with that already
Consultant1: They told me they fixed it!
Calypse: I posted this on the forum, we still only have access to movement keybinds
Erasmus Hurt: will do on closing menus didnt realize that wasn't working.
Calypse: and the flight one is borked, backward flight goes forward - Dirtsleeper is aware

Incarnate: oh btw the planet hologram in Ivar and Sons has collision
ShockHouse: I think you are using the dust the wrong way :
Incarnate: vendors accept dust and the value indicator goes down appropriately
Incarnate: i must be off, thanks all
Calypse: see you later... or mext beta lol
Calypse: I'm not going, Incarnate is :
Calypse: sorry lol
Incarnate: next beta to be sure. it's 18h20 here :

Tomblady: Can we cusomize weapns too? Like guns or swords?
Erasmus Hurt: i'm not sure what the plan is there (for consultant) currently you can not customize weapons.
Consultant1: Weapons are still to be decided. We try to do one thing at a time, do it well, and then move on.
Tomblady: Maybe later that we can choose from a set of different swords like katanas, longswords, scimitars
Midknyghte: what about setting up a basic template for each weapon type and then turning it over to the community to custom create some stuff? Then you guys can pick and choose from what is sent in?
Consultant1: Yes, choosing between weapons is definitely on the list.
Tomblady: sure, dont have postols yet^^
Erasmus Hurt: weapons will auto turn on currently when you go into combat if your powerset uses a weapon. but the weapon currently is determined solely by powerset.
Erasmus Hurt: currently supported weapons at this time are swords, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, and a flaming sword.
Consultant1: It's not practical for players to adjust weapons...very few people know how to control polycount, apply collision, or specify materials....
Tomblady: Just colors and prefabricates designs
Tomblady: Power Headshot calls for pistols but i have a rifle in hand if I shoot

Midnight: Assuming we get a respec screen it would be nice to be able to adjust a build without a total respec. Kinda like MIDS does for COH.
Consultant1: I think we're going to be discussin respec'ing in the forums in the future.
Consultant1: We are not stuck with what other games have done, for respec'ing

Midnight: Cool I'll keep an eye out. Can I get some dust to test with? :
Erasmus Hurt: sure sec let me find you
Consultant1: You can
Midnight: by agent davis
Erasmus Hurt: come to center of arch if you needed dust
Midnight: omw
Midnight: thx

Midnight: Is it just me or is City Hall floating right now?
Erasmus Hurt: ah you must have gotten that partial patch
Erasmus Hurt: you need to delete your SOHGame/CleanThirdPerson/Intermediate
Midnight: Artifical gravity is out... lol
Midnight: The entire folder or just the sub folders in it?
Midnight: City Hall is still floating .... no biggie.
Calypse: you probably have a small pak file form the broken update
Midnight: No worries for the moment.

Penniguin: so when we kill a test dummy, how long does it take to respawn?
Consultant1: That should be impossible...but Penni is powerful
Madame Rascal: tahat's more than I did
Calypse: two of us can take them down quite easily, and I'm a support class - they'r tough to solo though, I think
Penniguin: Inkaris almost has one down too
Penniguin: she got it
Penniguin: baddies dont stand a chance! woooooo
Midnight: brb
Calypse: maybe one day they'll gibve us a surprise and fight back :
Penniguin: go hermit, go!
Tomblady: Dark Powers are quite strong
Penniguin: haaaaaa remember the suprise ambush idea....... test dummies revenge
Inkaris: hit...yeahhh
Consultant1: I like that...test dummy revenge
Midknyghte: or you could learn the wya of the schwartz
Calypse: that could actually work, they could be reprogrammed by roghe elements
Consultant1: See you Zalie
Calypse: sheesh rogue - can;t type for toffee
Midnight: Okay that finally worked... had 2 crashes trying to get back in but 3rd time worked.
Consultant1: We'll have to raid to capture more Nagdellian dummies
Calypse: three of your cars are going around stuck nose to tail, just like buses...
Penniguin: this really has been great fun, consultant and team, thank you for opening up the ship for us!
Consultant1: The dev wants to thank all of you. without you, there is no ship.
Celtic Torch: has it been a stressful week for the devs, you guys must have been busy
Social Hermit: come over to my house for coffee
Consultant1: It has been a long week. But fun!
Midknyghte: Thanks for teh insight and letting us participate guys. Take care all.
Erasmus Hurt: good night midknyghte
Calypse: it was great to get back into the ship :
Consultant1: You too Midknighte

Consultant1: Just for latecomers, I'm going to repeat a couple of thoughts. from earlier.
Consultant1: The next Beta is going to be a group combat Beta, which means invasion testing
Tomblady: Yant wati for that
Consultant1: In the next Beta players will get to make a character or use the one from this Beta
Tomblady: Cant wait for that
Consultant1: Before the invasion, you’ll have a chance to level up your character, buy augment and infusions, and test your powers
Consultant1: We’re aiming for Q1 of 2020 for the next Beta, but no date is set yet
Consultant1: And we'll be adding a lot of additional costume pieces over the next year.
Penniguin: woohoo
Calypse: sounds great :
Rhapsody Blue: I see a makeover
Consultant1: So be active in the forums, and let us know what you want. we do pay attention.
Calypse: civilian clothing, costume slots and a way to swap them quickly :
Consultant1: It's funny, we're close to having what COH launched with in terms of hero costumes.
Consultant1: But of course we all remember the end game enormous choices.
Solar Eagle: capes?
Rhapsody Blue: Earn your cape
Consultant1: We have about 5 for each character model now, but we held them out of the this Beta, and they should be perfected soon.
Consultant1: Yes
Consultant1: I have a fondness for jetpacks.
Calypse: that's why every cape comes with a quick release clasp ;)
Rhapsody Blue: lol
Calypse: only 10 dust
Calypse: hehe then you have a mission to get your cape back :
Calypse: hmm, why am I yelling, hang on

Consultant1: 74 FPS
Madame Rascal: 81FPS
Tomblady: ~65
Consultant1: Elch, can you go into settings and raise your minmum from 10 FPS to 20 on the significance Manager?
Tomblady: down to 40 with superspeed. Which is too fast imho
Consultant1: I agree on SS. Fun for a Beta, but too fast for a game.
Tomblady: Super jump would be great.
Consultant1: Right now it is kind of bult into SS
Penniguin: that jump with ss on, is really nice
Tomblady: But jump in SS is a great way to crash into things, because you can not steer in jump
Consultant1: That combo is broken, for sure
Penniguin: makes me feel like i have two travel powers for the price of one
Tomblady: super jump should go vertical
Rhapsody Blue: love the landing animation though
Consultant1: yes, we like that too.

Penniguin: will we be able to trade, player to player?
Erasmus Hurt: we can't right now. i would assume we will add that in the future.

Consultant1: how about if we line up for a picture with Torches?
Consultant1: Eulb, come on over
Consultant1: Are we missing anyopne who is here in the city?
Rhapsody Blue: I feel all misty eyed right now
Penniguin: indeed it is
Consultant1: Everybody should make a screengrab who wants one
Consultant1: And yes, this is the beginning. :
Consultant1: AWESOME!
Penniguin: thank you for you diligence and hard work consultant and team
Consultant1: I want to thank you all, on behalf of the dev team. You are all awesome.
Penniguin: as are you guys!
Tomblady: thank you for letting us participate
Consultant1: We'll all be back in a few months. as soon as we can.
Rhapsody Blue: looking forward to see what else you suprise us with, great job so far
Consultant1: OK, what carzy and fun thing can we do now, at the end?
Penniguin: treasure hunt
Consultant1: everybody dance!
Rhapsody Blue: Twist
Consultant1: Thanks all!
Consultant1: Let's do it
Rhapsody Blue: gotta go thanks all had a great time. cya on the next beta!!!
Erasmus Hurt: bye blue
Hagan: Laters, all...until next time. :
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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby Consultant » Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:11 am

Great work, Golden Ace! This took some time to organize.

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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby lunawisp » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:13 pm

Agreed. Great work. I'll pick through that later. Have to wait till after the weekend though, I have people with me this weekend. Thanks for doing all that, I know it's not a lot of fun sorting through logs ;)
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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby Golden Ace » Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:15 pm

Agreed. Great work. I'll pick through that later. Have to wait till after the weekend though, I have people with me this weekend. Thanks for doing all that, I know it's not a lot of fun sorting through logs ;)
Actually Sara-Clare put a lot of work into it too.
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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby lunawisp » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:46 am

All done. Thankyou :)
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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby Golden Ace » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:13 am

All done. Thankyou :)
Wonderful work. Please post it here too.
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Re: CCT Beta Q&A Chat Log

Postby lunawisp » Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:05 am

Wonderful work. Please post it here too.
Good idea. Have done so, Created a new thread - viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3425#p24538
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