Trying to Understand the general confusion

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Trying to Understand the general confusion

Postby TechMagus » Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:07 am

First off,

Hello Everyone I have been checking up on this game and its competitors for a few years; about a year ago I decided I would check up on each annually (I recently donated for both a Beta Tester and Stylish level (75$) as a long time CoH enthusiast (I am very familiar with a lot of the homecoming server and how the server hosting code was leaked last year) but there is something different when you have eyes on the back end of this stuff and a desire to just not have to worry about hosting that sort of stuff.

That being said it is my annual check up on this and Titans (Valiance Online pretty much has showed little progress or growth). I was pleased to see that SoH has managed to put a group of players in game even if in a testing capacity - its a big milestone to be able to do that because it shows that they have a server with some real capacity and infrastructure to allow many users to connect (you would be surprised to see how many can connect to a CoH server on 15MB up 150MB Down) and it shows developer security and confidence - it shows a confidencce they will continue to progress at-least into the near future. You see this risk taken in many Steam EA titles and when you read the reviews people point out that the "devs are MiA"

That being said; I do have a bit of confusion; I see many public posts claiming people are patching and downloading clients; notably the CCT (I will call it "Lockdown tests") and the recent Operation Valhalla; I was first curious if there is user testing going on outside of that? As I understand the game is in Alpha; so I wonder if its actually in beta? I am confused; despite that I have decided to take the chance and throw my money where my mouth is (added I am bored and want to avoid the new Avengers game) and if so how does one get involved in actually getting a client and doing testing or experience the demo in its current state? Is it random chance? Did I just not receive a key? (I donated not too long ago so it possible there would be run of the mill delays).

I want to stress I am not whining about not being in game; just trying to clarify if I should be and something has gone wrong - or if its a matter of just sitting back and waiting for the option to manifest.

Oh and congrats on beating CoT to the punch.

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Re: Trying to Understand the general confusion

Postby Golden Ace » Sun Aug 16, 2020 6:08 pm

I'll let Casey answer most of that. but as for the Saturday invite. on the home page (top left corner link called "Home") there is a link to sign up for the event. "Join the August 15th Invasion" (I didn't see the link until Saturday).

not sure if the server is still up. but give it a try.
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Re: Trying to Understand the general confusion

Postby lunawisp » Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:47 pm

not sure if the server is still up. but give it a try.
It might be. The key I received was valid from 15th to 17th. I missed the main event myself as well though, I didn't see the signup button till it was too late.
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