SoH may not be the MMO for me?????

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SoH may not be the MMO for me?????

Postby A1fighter » Thu May 14, 2020 2:38 pm

Disclaimer: This is not a flame thread

SoH has made it clear, they are catering to a smaller community of CoH players. I was never truly a CoH player until now. I like standard mmo titles.

-I like to have races, classes, traditional mmo elements.

-I like mmo that cater to the masses, because they are supported by the masses. Therefore, are able to deliver top tier content and updates at a solid pace.

- I like the occasional A-hole who shouts nonsense, because that is human....It is part of the mmo experience (You don't have to play with that person).

I continued to fool myself, into believing SoH was the game for me. I never could truly relate. People would talk about past CoH powers, I could not relate....

-They would speak of past CoH events, I could not relate.....

-They would speak of implementing elements from CoH, I could not relate because, I was thinking of elements from other mmo I have played.....

-They would speak of how much they missed CoH, I could not relate....

-They would speak of how glad they are that this MMO feels like CoH, I could not relate being a guy who enjoys standard MMO.

I also noticed, when I made a suggestion, I was somehow the black sheep :lol: . My suggestions would be things outside the realm of a CoH successor. The responses I would get from the community and devs were, "Well, we are trying to get the game out 1st." They were not being mean, or trashing my suggestions.....I was simply a guy trying to fit into a community that I did not :lol: .

This hit me months ago; which is why I have not posted much... for months at one time. However, the true moment I realized SoH was not the mmo for me? When I received a key, and did not even bother to download the client or log into the game....

If you would have told me, years ago...."Hey, here is a SoH key to play the game." I would have jumped at that; but that was not the case.....

I have drifted away from this game. Maybe one day I will drift towards it..... For now, I wish you all the best in your development, as-well as the community.

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Re: SoH may not be the MMO for me?????

Postby Voidblazer » Fri May 15, 2020 7:48 pm

Good for you. If SoH isn't for you, go play something else. Go root for something else. You're free to do whatever you want. No big deal. I personally don't like the occasional A-hole who shouts nonsense in a super hero MMO (funny is great, but A-hole shouting nonsense tends to be racist, sexist or homophobic...I've seen it myself), because we're playing people that are more than human...that's why we're playing a superhero MMO. We're supposed to be the light of heroism against encroaching darkness and chaos. That's literally the point of playing a superhero MMO! I, for one, have been following this game for years, and love the progress this small team has made. All the hard work they've been putting into making a game folks like me will enjoy has me hopeful that the adventures will be worth the wait! I look forward to every update, and I can't wait for the next community event!

CoH may have been the pinnacle of superhero MMO's in the past, but that was years ago. We need something new. Something that will be supported by a real development team. Even free-to-play, I haven't touched CoH in months, because I've seen most everything there is to see there. I'm ready for superhero space adventures in the 25th century!
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