Oh, what folly is the run!

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Oh, what folly is the run!

Postby SwitchFade » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:55 pm

This one seems basic...

I've just recently tried Champions Online, having avoided it like the plague previously (I have mad unhappy for Jack Emmert), and can only wonder at the sheer foolery of the animation decisions in most Mmo's...

Simply, the animations for movement in most games is ridiculous. The run animations most specifically, as in champions, are absurd. I am very sure coding in general is exhaustively hard, yet, this one facet can spell the difference between a pleasant experience, and none at all.

To highlight, compare the difference between mmo animations when characters are running, using travel powers and walking to notice the unpleasant animations most games use. I humbly request the team spends a modest effort to optimize these areas to be pleasing, as 90% of in game time is spent staring at your toon running. Look no further than champions, the standard run, and travel powers animations for run, to see a great example of what NOT to do.

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