Emote Request Thread

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Emote Request Thread

Postby Dragonfire » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:38 pm

For CoH/V veterans, we had a lot of emotes that added to the game and made the characters seem more realistic. So, as a companion to the 'costume request thread,' I thought I'd create this thread so everyone could post their e-mote requests in one place.

Here are a few ideas:

Roll Dice

Billie Jean Dance
The Carlton Dance
Gangnam Style (from about 1:03 to 1:35 and 1:53 to about 2:12)
The Robot
The Charleston and the Charleston Knees

Costume Change Emotes:
morph (like power rangers, overdrive, ninja ranger power, PR In Space, Zeo Gold Ranger, Zeo Rangers, Lightspeed Rescue, black and white dino ranger from dinostorm, SPD Kat ranger, SPD, samurai, etc): you call out a phrase (or just the emblem on your chest glows like in CoH), the costume appears on you with electric FX or some other FX, and you do a fancy action pose at the end, ready for action
magic: swirling sparks that twist top to bottom around you
magic: hold a wand, staff, etc, it lights up, hold it up, and a magic symbol appears above you, descends onto you, and as you go through the symbol, your new costume appears. The symbol stays on the ground momentarily then disappears
magic: plants/vines burst forth from the ground, cocooning you in them, then retreat into the ground, revealing you in your new costume
lightning: a lightning bolt strikes you and you appear with your costume on
ice up: like Iceman from Spiderman and his Amazing friends, you ice (or fire, stone, etc) up, and it explodes, you in your costume
He-Man/She-Ra: hold your sword/weapon up, swirls of magic descend and you appear in costume
Centurions/Iron Man: your costume appears out of nowhere, and assembles itself on you over your current costume
simple morph: you morph like Shang Tsung into your new costume, no flashy fx.
Hyde: you drink a formula, fall to the ground as if in pain, then morph into your new costume
CoH costume change emotes too.

Thumbs up
hold a torch
hold a lighter
hold a cell phone (as if it were a lighter)
hold boombox (John Cusack style over the head)
Dizzy (stars swirling around head)
Dizzy (little birds swirling around head)
cuckoo (twirl finger around head)
facepalm (facepalm, shake head)
CoH Emotes

Just a few ideas. I know getting the actual game out is the top priority, but these to me are more 'quality of life' style upgrades to the game that help with the immersion and make it feel more 'realistic' if that makes sense. What kinds of e-motes does everyone else want to see?

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Re: Emote Request Thread

Postby Eulb » Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:53 pm

All the E-motes given to us in COH were relay fun and made the game more immersive ...

But for each one of those E-mote moves ... each one is a separate animation that takes time to program and animate ...

I do want to have fun E-motes like "Swoon" where you would fall flat on your face ... :lol:

But ... each E-mote can take up to a week to make ... and " heroic games " has a little DEV staff right now ...

in one of the demo - video one of the dev's " Matt " ( if i remember right ) said he has a folder for E-motes ...

I do know that at launch there will be little to no E-motes ... but after launch that is another thing ... they will work on and released in the patches to the game ... E-motes as they grow...
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Re: Emote Request Thread

Postby Jasix » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:18 pm

Please do not include the "flossing" dance... begging you. I roll my eyes every time I see it and the thought of others doing it while standing around in a superhero game hurts my brain.
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Postby Bryanhix » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:35 pm

Is there a software that can view the files in tiles directory?

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Re: Emote Request Thread

Postby Zagadka » Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:42 am

Don't forget things like /pointing up, down, left, right, forward, back, etc etc. Really any kind of reply gesture you can think of, though /pointup is also useful in RP meetings. Reading or writing things down. Speaking animations.

I'd also suggest emotes with props, both idle and actions, though those are obviously a lot more work. CoH had some of these and they were neat.

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Re: Emote Request Thread

Postby Consultant » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:33 pm

I'll just mention that we have started on the idea of emotes. Code has been written and installed into the current game version.

Now before we all jump for joy, I hasten to add that we only have maybe half a dozen, like wave, cheer, YMCA, salute, and a few more.

On the positive side, now that we have it done we can add more emotes over time. It works.

I hesitated to say we were going to do this on a particular date, as we had to squeeze it into the development pipeline, but I feel better knowing we have it started and working.

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