The best task force/trials in COH

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Re: The best task force/trials in COH

Postby twicebitten » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:07 pm

Reading this thread has reminded me how much a loved COH tf's. I began doing them because i got obsessed with badges on my main toon, and I wanted the TF badges. Positron was absolutely the worst. I remember so many failed attempts early on after hours of grinding. ITF was fun and challenging.

I think it was one of the end game TFs, which one had the 4 guns mounted at parameter of a wall/stronghold and you had to take them out one by one after working your way up? That was fun and hard.

Hamidon I remember being amazed at the amount of people. It really was a lag fest, and at points unplayable and not enjoyable. Getting that first Hami O was nice though. I would hope by now we won't have to worry about it to that point. I understand its still a large feat to accomplish with so many players in the same space. But Epic has been making some large strides in the Unreal engine for fortnite, with new tech to help with large player bases implemented in versions 4.19 (& 4.20) of the engine. Hopefully that will help the SOH devs tackling these kind of problems.

It would be amazing to experience something like Hamidon with 100 players lag free(ish)

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