Devs and the Players

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Devs and the Players

Postby Strife3 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:20 pm

I bring this up because I was in CoH from open Beta till it closed. I watched one thing happen more then anything else. the Devs did not listen to the players. So far I see the Devs on the forums listening and talking to us, taking our ideas into account and interacting. When it came to City of Heroes it took the threat of near 40 percent of the player base to stop a power change which ended up happening anyways. I remember it being called in the end Statesmans choise and it was left alone then changed a year later as well as 'statesman' vision for the enhancement diversification. the players for the most part did not want this as it was nice to have hasten up all the time. the chance to summon 12 imps as a fire controller. I remember having 3 singularities out as a gravity controller. When. ED was forced apon us we had to either go with it or leave the game. I wanna say that was part of the reason WoW got so many more players. don't get me wrong, WoW was in its start when the game was really good. But I ended up leaving wow for CoH till Coh closed then I went to Star Wars ONline, As many different mmos were out there I just did not get the same feeling as CoH game and I even tried Champions online and DC Universe Online. As I look at the 4 comic Hero MMO's comming out i feel Ship of Heroes is staying with the spirit of CoH. City of Titans is trying to go full 3D design, removing the comic feel to it, Heroes and VIllians and Vengince online is not showing much in the way of moving foward though VO is in Alpha as well.

I know I got abit off track but my point is simply I hope the Devs come to the forums first and see what we think and feel about the changes before they force it on us. take into account how we feel, unlike what NCSoft did wen they shut down CoH, they didn't care what we thought or that we tried to save it. they flipped the switch and took it away from everyone, refused to sell it because they didn't want to be shown they were wrong.

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Re: Devs and the Players

Postby Healy » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:36 pm

Good to hear your point of view Strife3 and I too hope that the listening continues to be as sincere as it seems so far.

The thing we all have to remain open to is that the Devs and Leaders need to make choices, make decisions, and need to do what they can within the time, technology and programming limits that they can control.

As a community I hope that we continue to openly provide feedback, but also work with and embrace the decisions that are made along the path to launch....while respecting that not every decision will please or meet the desires of everyone. I've been and R&D leader in product development for many years and there are always trade-offs..... making informed decisions and moving forward does not make everyone satisfied and hopefully we retain the open forum for respectful and constructive feedback so the Devs and Leaders can keep a pulse on the reactions and responses to their decisions.


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Re: Devs and the Players

Postby Blaze Rocker » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:12 pm

I think the devs here will show their followers (future players) due respect and give them the game they're after, and then continue to listen to them as game development continues on.

From what I understand some of those unwanted changes to CoH that you mentioned were inevitable and that was because of poor planning during early development of the game. They couldn't properly balance things anymore and they were going with whatever worked rather than commit to a massive undertaking to fix the core programming. (The real story is out there somewhere, Someone here can explain what happened better than I can.)

You might as well give up on Heroes and Villains. After so much input from the community the game looked like it had great potential, then we discovered that Golden Girl didn't have either the skill or the stones to do what had to be done to actually prioritize goals and finish the game. If you haven't read my post --> ... 7826#p7837 <-- you might find it worthwhile to read at some point. Either the entire H&V project is nothing but a farce or it's Golden Girl's passion project and she's only building it for herself. Either way, don't expect anything to come of it. I'm still waiting for the website and Facebook page to disappear, as I just know GG has no intention of actually launching the game. Enough people realized that there wasn't any real progress being made and they bailed out, that's why the H&V forum is a ghost town.

Ship of Heroes looks like your best bet for a CoH-type experience from a competent group that is dedicated to launching the game.
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Re: Devs and the Players

Postby Red5 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:12 pm

my 2 cents...

Absolutely kudos to devs *tips hat*

I actually hope they continue to do so.

More so, to reevaluate previous asked opinions. The more people we get new ideals can be born. One could find the 1k popular opinion is a minority when asked later to the 5k an example.
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