What fraction of your time will be spent on SOLO play?

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Re: What fraction of your time will be spent on SOLO play?

Postby Avatar PDM » Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:18 am


I grew up on solo games. Mario bros, Megaman you name it. Some of the best selling games in the world are solo. Mario, Sonic, Elder Scrolls, GTA, etc.

I go into a game with expectations to play by myself and be productive while doing so. Why? You log in by yourself. You came into this mmo world by yourself. You most likely got to endgame by yourself. Early in the game, the majority of mmo teach players how to be solo players.

If someone wants to team up, I will team up. Same for offline games, if someone shoots me a text, I will exit single player and play multi-player.

I hate the mmo and multiplayer moniker. It makes the masses believe teaming up is necessary. It is not. Single player games still take up a chunk of the gaming market. Games whom push this team up or die narrative are segmenting a large portion of potential players. Some gamers may only like single player games. Why should an mmo not include them too? Isn't every mmo a single player game in the beginning leveling stages? Therefore the mmo=team up narrative has no legs. Fortnite, the hottest game out has single player options for advancement.

The one thing the disastrous DCUO did right was give solo players a slow pace to work with, but they could still progress through endgame for the most part.

From my time watching Fortnite streams, mics are a tool of destruction. You give a gamer a mic in the heat of battle and you are begging for a bad community. It takes more effort to type "You are trash" so many may not waste time doing it. Takes no effort to tell someone "You are trash." A kid may not be a keyboard wizard, but he is usually quick with the tongue.

The best raids are the ones where GG is the only thing said, and that is after the raid is over.

I will always be a solo player at heart. MMO are usually the games with customization, so they are the titles I gravitate towards.
first of all - I don´t want to judge your way how you like to play. Everyone should be able to play as he/she likes and as I understood it so far that will also be possible. As it was the case at CoH too (you could play together or alone - both worked)
And of course you are right everyone starts alone (except he makes dates for meeting in the game ;) )

But I have the feeling you misunderstood the intention of that topic. Because it seems you feel as people try to force something onto you or try to decide what kind of play is superior.
As I understand it here, it is just about the DEVs wanting to know how much thoughts they have to put into solo possibilities and it that context its simply just about if people want to play more alone or more together.

A last thought though - the title MMO as I see it is a preference to show people that if they like to be together in a game and like to team up and have interactions while gaming that is the right place to be.
That is the signal for players unlike other Online Games. I think most games understood by now, that they have to leave their gamers a certain freedom in deciding if they feel like teaming or just want to be left alone. And therefore the question of the topic. But questioning the MMO part in a MMO game is something I feel kind of senseless.

Otherwise they could create an Offline Version, which people can play alone when they just want to have the "Hero Universe" without the MMO part and sell that (an idea, I mentioned already by the way, because I believe it would also help getting those players who are looking for that kind of Game but don´t feel comfortable with interactions with other humans and therefore getting more money for the development)
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