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Postby happydolphin » Mon Aug 30, 2021 6:30 am

1. Key binds need fixing. Strafe Left/Right and Turn Right/Left you can't set them properly, it just messes up making all my controls only turn left or right but lose the strafe function for all my characters
2. Camera is too jerky and sensitive. There should be a way to configure it to be less sensitive. Sure I can change the sensitivity of my mouse cursor but my mouse cursor is moving as a relatively good pace, the camera itself jerks around too quickly as you can see they're not in the same sensitivity alignment. If I reduce sensitivity of my cursor my cursor moves really slow which could be bad. I actually had a serious headache/migraine from the camera.
3. The power picks in the character creator seems to let you pick more than 2, of course in the game you can only use 2 but it's a minor flaw in display
4. Health regeneration is too fast. Even if you don't have any health regeneration powers your health regenerates a bit too fast and it also regenerates in combat providing no real difficulty, you can just run away get your health to go back up and there was no real kinetic strategy.
5. I'm guessing the most basic strategy is inspiration spamming. I find this strategy a bit weird. It would be more interesting to add more team related powers or something other than just inspiration spamming.
6. Powered Armor powers. Like Street Sweeper a ranged tanking power. Arm cannons, chest blasts, missiles launched from the chest cavity.
7. I feel like Military Weapons can have a kind of sniper rifle power letting you fire from long distance for high damage.
8. Fat characters. Couldn't really push the abdomen and waist to get the sort of fat look. Could there be fat characters?

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Re: Suggestions

Postby Actjcksn » Sat Sep 04, 2021 6:40 pm

The underwater environment is great. Very beautiful.

However, when swimming underwater, the characters need an air bar which goes down slowly. When it's gone, hit points start to go down. Unless, all the Heroes don't breathe air. LOL. There are air bubbles in places which may replenish the air supply? Also, some items may be available to provide underwater breathing? Some Heroes do have automatic healing powers which may offset the slow underwater death.

Something else the underwater environment could use would be phosphorescent plants. When it goes dark, it's pitch black down there! Turn on the lights! :)

Oh, and more fish. Especially something dangerous with will kill ya!
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