Fantastic! no, really, Fantastic!

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Fantastic! no, really, Fantastic!

Postby olepi » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:30 am

I've been playing the CoH restart, so this is from the perspective of someone who is playing the old CoH every day.

This game, SoH, is beautiful. The city is beautiful, especially at night. I don't get that feeling very often in the old CoH.

It was a blast to just run around, but then I found some enemy mobs and decided to attack. Pulling was natural, but different than CoH, where once you hit them they came after you. As a fire Devastator, it was easy to kill them, I've been playing fire blasters in the old CoH.

And then another person showed up, we started rolling on the mobs, and I was amazed, this has the feel of CoH, in a much more beautiful world. What an achievement! Fantastic, to have the same kind of fun in a new setting!

There is so much promise in this game ....
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