What Do You Want Most?

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What Do You Want Most?

Postby Consultant » Sat Apr 11, 2020 3:54 am

I think everyone has a list of things they would like to see added or upgraded, now that we've had a community event like this one.

So what is your list?

And one request from us -- put the most important things first on your list. That makes it easier for us to prioritize the overall wishes of the community.

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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby Golden Ace » Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:22 pm

  1. Fix targeting - So that you target the closest enemy. It has been doing some weird stuff lately like targeting the enemy behind you and targeting the enemy hundreds of feet out of range
  2. Fix teaming / XP - So that multiple people can get XP from the same target. If teamed XP should be divided equally. Otherwise on a sliding scale on how much time was spent on the enemy.
    • Time on enemy instead of damage dealt because of the damage difference in AT's. Example: If you are a controller and have spent several minutes trying to take down a target, but have a high damage dealer come in and takes it out doing more damage than you were able to in the time you were on it. The high damage dealer would get the lion share of XP if it were damage based. What about the tank? he's over there absorbing the damage and keeping others from being hit but not doing a lot of damage him/herself. so time on the MOB should determine how much XP you get outside of teams.
  3. Launcher – fix it so you do not have to download the entire client for every patch.
  4. Fix Jump – give it more control, and I don't always jump with my knees to my chest when jumping a few feet. change the animation for shorter jumps.
  5. Flight - The controls still seem kind of wonky to me. i.e. does not always do what I want it to do.
    • give us several different flight poses to choose from.
    • space bar should be just up. not up and forward.
  6. Map – M is for Map not menu.
    • Allow us to turn it on and off.
    • Also allow us to expand the map to the entire screen if wanted.
    • Allow us to drag the map within the map window around the city.
    • Turn off the map turning thing.
  7. Powers – Allow us to auto fire a power on the tray by control clicking on it so it will go off automatically when it has been refreshed. in CoH green circles would form around the power icon when on auto.
  8. Nagdellians – give them some melee powers – make them move around a bit. Them just standing there shooting is just boring.
  9. Ambushes – After killing a certain amount of enemies that particular enemy group should send enemies out after you.
  10. Make the city more super speed friendly or fix super speed so you can run over low curbs
  11. Taunt – when an enemy is taunted reduce their ranged attacks to melee or near melee distances.
  12. Hazard Zone – put some buildings there or trees or something.
  13. Underwater – throw in some enemies, even if only sharks or schools of piranha.
  14. Tops of buildings – throw in some enemies, some just standing on the top levels and some with jet packs. not always on the tops but along side of certain buildings with ledges. lets use that 3D.
  15. Snipers – place them on all levels of buildings and shoot at anything getting too close flying and running. Some buildings have perfect ledges for this
  16. Safe Zones – where no enemy can get to you (thinking ambushes as stated above)– police drones.
  17. Elevators on all buildings – allow non-flyers the ability to get to the top of buildings.
  18. Fix NPC eyes – they are all flesh colored.
  19. Hospital ceiling has no collision – does however allow me access to my office
  20. Third floor hospital elevator doors too small
and most importantly Make Yellow Track Suit Man an Enemy Group that can be targeted hit and killed...

All I can think of for now.
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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby mattwo » Tue Apr 14, 2020 11:38 pm

1. Optimization for older computers.
2. Fix camera movement speed.
3. Fix flight controls.
4. Everything everyone else has already suggested in the forums. I wasn't able to play because of the above issues combined so I can't provide proper feedback.
5. Add cat ears instead of just a mask, as well as cat tail, also fur for skin options.

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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby GladDog » Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:23 am

Here is my things I saw when I was playing list. This is not a OMG this game sux list. This is a list of things of note like those I have made many, many times in an alpha or beta test. The devs want to know what you saw, mainly the bad stuff, but hearing about the things you liked is good as well!

I won’t go over the XP issue, as the team is well aware of the problems with that and is fixing it up. I also won’t mention unfinished animations or FX, since the team knew a lot of things were unfinished and made it clear before the event started.

*Need at least a few missions for the next event. The same 3-4 missions with different bad guys and goals would be fine.
*If you open a 2nd hotbar, it would disappear when you logged out.
*Inventory – The inventory space was small IMO.
Anything you got from cargo boxes was invisible in your inventory and disappeared when you logged out.
*Character damage was too low IMO. It took way too long to kill things that were 2-3 levels below you.
*By the same token, adversary damage was also too low. It took a while, but was not hard killing things that were +7 and +8 to the character as long as they were alone. This indicates that bad guy damage was also too low.
*The industry standard seems to be that melee characters can take out 3 even level minions or 1 even level LT fairly quickly, but with recovery time before the next battle. Almost all fights were 1v1.
*Even though choices were sparse, the Character Creator was a plus. It shows that the art team is pretty picky that things need to be done right, with minimal clipping, before they get into the CC. There is plenty of time before release to fix these minor issues.
*It would be nice to go into more buildings, even if they are just generic warehouses.
*There needs to be an area besides the Hazard Zone to fight top level bad guys. Perhaps the area where the Promethean Ambush happens could be populated by Promethean bad guys in the 12-20 level.
*Random spawns of individual invasion portals would be fun, with an announcement in global chat where it is happening. Perhaps spawning small groups of bad guys followed by a commander level boss.
*Night was too dark for a game. This could also be adjusted or corrected by increasing the streetlight and searchlight luminosity.
More events like saving the citizens!
Citizens were not the slightest bit afraid of bad guys, and would meander right through a group of them. CoH fixed this by assigning a .1 mag fear element in all bad guys and making them adversaries to teh NPCs, and a .2 fear resist in all heroes. NPCs, with no fear resist, would run when they got close to the bad guys.

If I think of more, I will list them later.

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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby indigowulf » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:23 pm

Hazy sleep brain, so I may need to edit this.

I didn't get to play much the last few days due to health, so I'm not certain where things stood on the last days beta was up. So, forgive me if I mention something already implemented or in the works :)

Mob agro radius: I noticed that it was very easy to murder mobs from just outside their agro radius, and they'd just stand there and let you do it. Especially if you were flying. I think, other than sniper shots, mobs and players should have the same "firing distance" and the mobs should react to being hit, no matter where it came from. Snipe him from twice his range? He starts closing the distance, allowing an effective pull. Shoot him without sniping? He shoots back, unless you back peddle to make him close, again pulling tactic that requires tactic instead of just standing there and shooting.

Mob difficulty scaling: I think this needs to be addressed. As some said, it doesn't seem to scale well. I get the regen thing trying to prevent players from nickle and diming things way too high level, but I think that needs to be toned down (like, a lot. I was having trouble killing a few -3 mobs that had super regen) and instead work on the level differences. I don't know programming so I don't know how to suggest it be updated.

To avoid the toxicity that comes with kill stealing, share exp for everyone that fights, based on how much damage they did and their level difference to the mob. (that way you can't smack something once as someone else spends 10 minutes fighting it and get half the exp)

I hate the fountain sounds lol. It makes my most wanted list just because it really makes me cringe, and I feel fountain sounds should be soothing not cringey. I know this may never change and I will deal with it if I have to, but I went out of my way to avoid getting close enough to fountain to have the sound file load.

Next, would be my suggestions for chat in this thread: https://www.shipofheroes.com/forums/vie ... =30&t=3708

Finally, the last thing I want to see on the "most" list would be, put us back on the slamming server and let us start playing early access with subscriptions. I honestly feel like it's ready.

Most of the other things I saw are small or cosmetic. Holes in the map or clothes that act strange, or things I know you're already working on. They don't make my "want it most" list.

edit to add: forgot one that I feel is small but important.. if we are out of range and click on a power, let that power "queue up" and go off when we get close enough.
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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby Consultant » Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:47 pm

These comments have all been circulated to the tech team. Some items have already been solved, and some are being worked on now.

What else?

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Re: What Do You Want Most?

Postby Gerald_Deemer » Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:38 pm

1. I want a huge universe in the final game with lots of planets to visit
2. Places to RP
3. Social features
4. big updates at least one per year (story, mission, archetype etc.)
5. new and returning events
6. super group housing
7. super rare items
8. pvp flag
9. linked emotes (transformation, mutation, magical changing etc.)
10. all day jobs and all day outfits (secret identity)
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