Musings on the community event

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Musings on the community event

Postby Dying Breath » Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:44 pm

First off: Thank you so much for allowing us to participate. Being stuck at home with a cold (presumably, since I don't have enough symptoms for a test) has left me with a lot of time to try to avoid doing housework. I was almost resigned to doing laundry three days early, but thankfully I have a whole city to explore :)

So, some observations:
1) My butt clips through the cape fairly substantially. I forget the name of the cape, but it has a mesh texture.

2) On the subject of capes, the weighting of it, while probably quite realistic, is very undignified. At least half the time stopping in flight, my cape either wraps around my neck or clips through my head (not sure which), and results in the cape being on the front of my body.

3) The Cybernetic Arms L01 creates a hole in the shoulders of the female model that you can see through to the background, at least in the character creator. It's most noticeable with the Sorceress shirt, but I think you can see it with the others as well. Additionally, several but not all of the glove options cause the left arm to disappear entirely (sorceress, justice, yekus). This does not happen with Cybernetic R or both.

4) I'd really like to have a transparency slider for the aura effects. I quite like them, but find they obscure my costume quite a bit and are a little distracting while moving.

5) Pattern overlays - I wish we had them. Part of what gave CoH so many costume options at launch was the patterns (Fade Stripe, Tiger Stripe, Stars, etc...) that could be laid over top of most of the costume pieces. Not sure that will work with the costume pieces you're using, but I'd still like to have them.

6) Nitpicking the elevators in the hospital: on the third floor, the elevator doors on the right side of the building are made for midgets - others are slightly smaller than I would expect at a hospital, but not too far off. The one set of doors though is shorter than the doctors and nurses who need to use them.

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Re: Musings on the community event

Postby Golden Ace » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:54 am

had not noticed the hospital elevator doors before. you are right. character is actually taller than the doors. and the elevator buttons are a knee height.

also no collision on the ceiling of the hospital.
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