The Purpose of the Community Event

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The Purpose of the Community Event

Postby Consultant » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:17 am

Hello! We are kicking off the Ship of Heroes community event this morning with 100 volunteers who were willing to test out the system of downloads and keys, and see what goes right and what goes wrong. As time progresses, we'll be inviting everyone who has an address on these forums into the game.

We just want to say this at the start. this is not a true Beta -- it's a chance to have fun. Not everything works perfectly, and we know that. But the coronavirus has people trapped at home, often with kids that are out of school, and we can all use a little bit more fun.

So we're letting any member of our community roam through apotheosis City and see what we've built so far and where we are. There are bugs. Definitely. This is not a polished, balanced Beta. This is a developer map -- it is what we see when we go in and fiddle with stuff, or try stuff out. Usually this sort of thing is never shown, but hey, you're stuck at home and we want to help if we can.

Enjoy! Create a character. Run around and see what's new. There are crafting crates where you can gather stuff, and there are enemies (and ambushes!). You can level up. You can buy stuff. There is a new day/night cycle. We intended to turn off missions (we have to have something to show later in the year to keep the enchantment going, after all). But the rest is where we are. There are new costumes, new powersets...hmmm, did we leave the prototype Controller in the game? I can't remember now. Maybe.

So look forward to receiving a key, and enjoy the game. there are a couple of new threads in this forum just for the current community event. Post your feedback -- we love to hear from you.

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Re: The Purpose of the Community Event

Postby ACimnecro » Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:11 pm

Thanks so much for letting us get in to test! I love the game so far and do understand that not everything is perfect as this is more a pre alpha. You guys are pretty awesome for letting us give it a go!

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