CCT Beta Daily Update

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CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:39 am

The Beta is really progressing well. There have been a lot of opportunities for improvements identified by the Beta Testers.

I thought you might want to hear a quick summary of what we are doing each day with all of the feedback that we receive. But let me comment first that just because I don't mention something here does not mean it is not begin worked on, or will not be worked on. We will methodically review everything posted in these forums about the Beta -- that is sort of the point, after all. :)

Day 1:

1. - We have restarted the servers once or twice to implement fixes. We try to keep this to a minimum, and to do restarts very early in the morning, east coast US time, when the population is usually smaller.

2. - Fixed an issue with instanced public areas (club and hospital) only allowing one player per instance and as a result filling up the 6 servers reserved for them. Multiple players can now get in simultaneously.

3. - Fixed an issue with global chat and tells being eaten. (That was from the reset this morning -- it started happening after they went up after the server crash yesterday).

4. - Fixed a key registration issue. All keys are good for the entire length of the Beta now.

5. - Forwarded a series of comments about environmental issues to the right artist -- and he has fixes we can push on a future server restart, which will generate a patch that has to be downloaded. So if you are enjoying that invisible cube on the far side of the Science Park, make the most of it soon.

6. - Forwarded the issue about the dark shadows on characters to the right guy -- our resident expert on lighting -- to see how soon we can get that fixed.

7. - We actually added about 60 new people to the Beta, on the fly yesterday. As far as we know, we are completely caught up with all people who tell us they cannot find their key, etc.

8. - The entire list of costume clipping issues has been forwarded to the right character artist. He is already working on them.

9. - The issue with keybinds not working correctly has been sent to the coder who built that system for bug fixing and improvement (adding two strafing keybinds to the system).

These are the items that jump out at me right now off of the top of my head. I thought you'd like to know. And we will be posting a list of activities we are proposing to support during the Beta in another thread.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Golden Ace » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:16 pm

Check out our discord channel a lot of Snapshots are in there with a description of the problem just in case some of the things didn’t make it to here.
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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:50 am

Day 2:

We pushed a major patch at around 10:30 eastern US time. This should have fixed most of the issues with beards, skin colors etc., not transferring out of the CCT and into the world. The full list is here:

1. -- In the patch we increased the number of players per instance and moved the servers to place all players in a single instance of each zone unless it goes over that capacity.

2. - Fixed an issue which was rendering base heads in situations where a character had chosen a different head shape.

3. - Fixed an issue which was preventing beards from rendering properly in game.

4. - Fixed an issue which caused eyebrow color to not render properly in game.

5. - Fixed an issue which caused skin color and skin tone to not render properly in game.

6. - The following powers have had cooldown and efficiency adjustments: Fire Sword, Ignite, Fire Whirl, Spear Whirl, Explosive Shot, Freeze Shot, Spinning Sword, Shield Bash, Hemorrhaging Slice, Blink-N-Slash, Brain Freeze, Draining Icestorm, Flame Blast, Plasma Bolt, Ice Javelin, Glacier, Electrify, Explosive Charge, and Incendiary Grenade. This was done to make using the Powers Testing Center more fun.

7. - Fixed a typo in the Iron Will description.

8. - Integrated code to handle an event planned later in the week.

9. - Processed every Contact Us form and all of the forum posts we are aware of, about problems. As I write this, we have no unsolved problem backlog that we know of.

10. - Uncovered and notified about an issue with Hotmail accounts deleting our emails. We also proactively warn users of this as we are able.

11. - Corrected and extended every known instance of the "expired key" corruption problem.

12. - Removed the invisible barrier/box to the west of the Science Park

13. - Published a list of four events to be held ingame this week, beginning with a costume contest today at 3:00 EST US, to be held in the interior lobby of the hospital. Please join for the event. If we swamp the hospital, we will hold two contests, and award double prizes.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Golden Ace » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:42 pm

and most of us just relax on weekends... :D
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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:48 pm

Day 3: This report is from the evening, so a bit more than one day.

1. - We pushed another build today with one major change -- we adjusted the lighting to get rid of the unexpected dark shadows on characters in the city. There were also a series of other fixes built in.

2. - Modified certain powers per the comments and suggestions fomr the community. The emergency teleport power now works while a player is moving. Torch particles now have dynamic lighting again and have had their particle count increased by 30% A couple of dev powers have been added.

3. - Female characters now have their own Ambient Occlusion textures.

4. - Tweaked ambient occlusion in Apotheosis City.

5. - Fixed an issue which was causing dark shadow splotches in shadows.

6. - Indoor shadows are now softer.

7. -Fixed the primary and secondary colors on the male causal shirt. The armor and clothing colors are now consistent on the regular male, so pants match the armor above more closely, as requested.

8. Identified the problem on the foot slider. A fix is in the works, but has not yet been implemented.

9. - A variety of environmental fixes were added per the requests of the community:
- Fixed flickering texture on platform just outside beta club entrance
- Fixed a hole in the rock wall around arch
- Revamped ground around warehouse district docks
- Removed invisible walls around arch
- Added collision to small building by opera house

10. - We conducted the first official Costume Contest, inside the beautiful lobby of the Apotheosis City Hospital. We selected six winners (picture from the CC is below).

11. - We processed mutliple contact forms, added more than a dozen new participants to the CCT Beta, and resolved every problem that we are aware of. Once again, as I write these words, we have no backlog of unresolved contact forms.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Golden Ace » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:49 pm

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:00 pm

Day 4:

1. - The first ever public scavenger hunt will occur today at 7:00 EST (US) in the city. We'll be unhiding presents and trying to keep track of who is the best present-finder in the game! Please come and join us in Apotheosis City.

2. - We pushed a new version (1.2.1) of SoH to the Beta server to fix more items, as requested by the Beta participants.

3. - We realized that we have additional commands that did not make it into the last newsletter. these include:
Alt+U toggles hiding the UI for a more cinematic view.
Mousewheel up and down zooms the camera in or out. Zooming in all the way enters first-person mode, hiding your character model.
Commands like /sit and /laydown work even if you're flying; this is helpful for lining up the character model with whatever you want to sit on. Try using /sit at different heights in the air while facing away from something like a wall or building edge to sit on it. Trying to move again will cancel the sitting pose.

4. - Fixed some clipping/masking issues on the female explorer gloves, sorceress gloves, and sorceress pants per requests from the community. More clipping issues are being found and corrected every day.

5. - Extended the replication/visibility range of public quest collectible items like the presents for the Scavenger hunt public quest on the Beta build. This will make it easier to spot these objects.

6. - Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to select certain options in CCT due to precision loss on the development server, at every 21st click of the sliders. This affected things like hair color where there were many options but some options were at mathematical points that made the conversion from float to int skip them. This affected both the sliders and the advancement buttons for hair and facial hair coloration options primarily.

7. - Fixed the "H" in City Hall on the map, which was slightly borked. Will be pushed in the next patch.

8. - Fixed collision of one wall of a building in the Warehouse District. Will be pushed in the next patch.

9. - Tracking, but not yet fixed is a memory leak which we think is associated with the superspeed travel power. This is the only pwer with the Unreal 4.21 Niagara particles and we think this could be issue.

10. - Set up and tested the dev powers for the Treasure Hunt tonight.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:07 pm

Day 5

1. – We conducted two really fun Scavenger Hunt events Tuesday night. Isha and Calypse were the winners of the two hunts, respectively. These events allowed us to diagnose a couple of network and chat server issues, which were degrading FPS unexpectedly and also leading to some visually hilarious results.

2. – We diagnosed and fixed two server side issues and some other minor issues uncovered in the two hunt mini-events. This involved pushing a major patch on Wednesday evening. Logging out and logging back in will begin the process of patching your game version, and we encourage everyone to do this when they are done for the day.

3. -- A set of environmental fixes was pushed to the server, as identified by our Beta testers. This list includes:
a. Fixed seam in warehouse district
b. Fixed collision on 4 foundations
c. Collision reworked on 14 buildings
d. Resurfaced auction house flooring
e. Replaced water shader in the auction house to something more fitting
f. Glass shader has reduced refraction, and in the proper direction
g. Bridge gates in elevated bridge in NE of city has new collision
h. Collision edit to science park base plate
i. Some props have had collision redone
j. Foliage, large rocks and trees particularly now have proper collision

4. -- Fixed an issue with facial hair colors in game. Beard colors selected in the CCT now propagate to the city, as they should.

5. -- Fixed an issue with some hair types rendering in game underneath helmets/hats if the head garment in those cases should have been hiding them.

6. – We want to mention a feature that many have noticed, but perhaps not all. At the top of the Justice Corps building there is the powers testing center (seen in many of our powerset videos). It is possible to test the first few powers for your characters there.

7. – Again tonight we are able to state that we do not have a backlog of Contact Us forms or requests for help.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:51 pm

Day 6

1. – We conducted a Crush the Server event on Thursday night, and we successfully managed to crush the ser twice. The crash logs will be very helpful in reviewing bugs and potential improvements after the Beta.

2. -- We provided every participant in the Crush the Server event with 5,000 Dust so that they could buy infusions and augments and upgrade their characters during the event.

3. – We diagnosed and fixed one server side issue and pushed a major patch on Thursday morning. Logging out and logging back in will begin the process of patching your game version, and we encourage everyone to do this at the end of each day.

4. -- Facial Hair is now supported in character portraits on the development build.

5. -- Hospital door sounds are now spatialized and affected by the Sound Effects volume slider.

6. -- Fixed an Augmentation Duplication issue.

7. -- Improved color consistency on armor and clothing

8. – Fixed all keybinding issues identified by the community and added some additional features; strafe left and strafe right. These were pushed Thursday night so participants could test them Friday morning.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby Consultant » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:23 pm

Day 7:

1. -- We had a really fun 2-hour Q & A under the Arch today. At the request of several participants, we recovered the Chat log and we are planning to publish that in the near future, for those who want a laugh. We were having a lot of fun.

2. -- We did push a patch late last night to fix a few more things that our Beta participants had identified.

3. -- We included a group of environmental fixes in the patch:

• Removed collision from hologram in auction house
• Fixed several street seams, added sidewalk to street around hero park
• Fixed texture issue on building in science park
• Fixed seams and collision on two foundations in the east section of the city
• Fixed a flickering texture in the docks by science park
• Fixed collision in docks and added more columns under overhang
• Fixed a material bug in one of the merged city blocks
• Added sidewalk to east part of city by the forest

4. -- We left the servers on a for a few hours after the scheduled close of the CCT Beta so some last minute participants could get in a little more exploration time.

5. -- All in all, this was a great Beta. Thank you to all participants and supporters, from the dev team.

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Re: CCT Beta Daily Update

Postby lunawisp » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:07 am

That was a fun week. It was great to get back into the game again. That character creator has come along really nicely. I like the characters we're able to create. Thanks for all the work the team is putting into this project, it's really looking good now. Can't wait for the next beta :P
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