Misc problems... but game is great!

Posh Ice
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Misc problems... but game is great!

Postby Posh Ice » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:51 pm

Hi, some things I noticed...

1) Worst for me is that the game makes computer really hot, on any screen,
even in the char creator. All the fans come on? Tried changing the settings
but nothing really worked.
2) Some buildings and statues that you can run right through the walls.. but I think
others have mentioned.
3) Setting the graphics to low looks really bad, the char eyes disappear and there
are holes in the body :D
4) Jumping in super speed makes your char fly really far!
5) invertmouse y is turned off if you go in a building, have to do it again
6) Flying is really slow to turn, you go bouncing off things lol
7) A big map screen would be nice!

But the game looks really nice, thanks!

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