character description input challenges

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character description input challenges

Postby Healy » Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:37 pm

I found a minor but annoying issue when entering a character description. I noticed a typo in a previously entered word. I placed the cursor at the word to correct and after typing one letter, the cursor was bumped to the end of text in the text box. I could then re-position the cursor at the area of modification and type another letter, but then the cursor was moved to then end of the text again. In my experience, character description crafting is a series of draft comments and then adjusting the words, adding and subtracting like you might in a "word" or some other word processing program. It doesn't need to be too sophisticated, but simple deleting and adding text at the point of correction is expected.

I suggest this be put on your list of things to examine and refine when there is time.

Healy (or Plasman as a new creation that occured today!)

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