costume "artifacts" bug thread

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costume "artifacts" bug thread

Postby indigowulf » Wed Apr 01, 2020 1:17 pm

I thought I'd start a place for us to keep track of what costume parts we are wearing when we get artifacts (those weird hovering bits behind your character after you move that kinda look like bug legs to me). Maybe we can help the devs track down which costume parts are guilty.

So far, I have NOT experienced artifacts on any alt. Here is a list of costume parts I have between them (these are all on female toons, with varied body slider settings);
toon 1:
hair 10
sorc shirt
leather pants
cotton undies
explorer boots
scale cloak
aura 2

toon 2:
hair 9
asian headband
leather jacket
stihl pants
cotton panties
leather boots

toon 3:
hair 8
explorer shirt
explorer pants
cotton panties
explorer shoes
aura 2

toon 4:
aura 5 (this seems to mess with the sky, btw)
hair 16
justice corp shirt
justice corp pants
cotton panties
justice corp boots

toon 5:
hair 11
justice corp pants
justice corp shirt
justice corp boots
justice corp head
cotton panties

toon 6:
hair 1
damage mask
yekus shirt
justice shoulders
meltdown bracers
yekus gloves
yekus belt
yekus pants
yoga speedos
justice leg armor
yekus boots
triple v cape
aura 4
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