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Re: Control Powers

Postby JestersGhost » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:02 am

Whereas in CoH, you know that Katana is all about reducing defense, and you know exactly what defense is. It creates a kind of "metric vocabulary" that everyone can speak and it makes it easier for people to think about, plan and talk to others about builds and play styles. It's an idea taken from the universe itself, where materials are made of molecules and molecules are made of atoms. It's great design, and it's probably one of the most beloved aspects of the game, second maybe to killer MoCap, stunning frame rate and excellent sprite and billboard usage.
Most modern games have this common "effect vocabulary", since as you said, it makes communication much easier. Two examples from completely different genres:

Magic: the Gathering - Tapped, Removed from Game, Flanked, Blocking, Attacking
Honkai Impact 3rd - Frozen, Paralyzed, Impaired, Weakened, Airborne, Move Slowed

And thus it's easy to talk about them, and say, "This triggers when a card is Removed from Game", or "this ability is available when an enemy is Impaired", etc.

As long as definitions for the terms are readily available and easily referenced then it does help understanding what abilities do.
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Re: Control Powers

Postby gscraig44 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:45 am

The character I enjoyed using the most was my controller. However, I don't see a primary Electricity/Storm based controller powerset. City of heroes, the hurricane around the waist was cool, although not as effective as it should have been. Lightening Storm as a damage and recovery debuffer.....Very cool powerset. Forming a tornadoo debuffer or scatter villains who would overwhelm heroes. Please bring this to the game. Absolutely creative and fun powerset. Could use even more creativity.

Additionally, as I'm looking at the launch control powers..They are all mostly similar (holds/slow) aside from confuse. Weather/Elements Manipulation is an alternative and it also givea the controller a power set that they use to protect themselves and do damage. Let's go SOH!!

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