Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 -- Patch Notes

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 -- Patch Notes

Postby Consultant » Wed Apr 08, 2020 7:38 am

Wednesday, April 8th, about 7:30 am US east coast time.

- We had two crashes in rapid succession yesterday and this morning. We checked out the crash dumps and made some discoveries.

- The first happened is related to Aggro processing and is somewhat unexpected since we’ve had that working for a couple of years. However, we’re always changing and improving things so perhaps we weakened the code in some manner. I any event, we think we have it fixed in the current patch.

- The second crash occurred in engine code, which is unusual as well, but it related to the are of code for the first crash, so we think we have solved this one too. At the very least, we have added code to check exactly what is happening, so we can resolve the code issues if they reoccur. It’s good if players jump in and then report if they have any issues.

- We modified several powers which had aggro manipulations to include additional validation checks as well. That affected powers that had taunt or detaunt extensions. We also took a look at pets since they also have aggro modifiers but they were already carrying our validation checks.

- Added new particle effects to Zero Degree Bolt and Ice Javelin. We’re certainly not done with the FX on this powerset, but a lot of improvement has been implemented since the Community Event began.

- Increased the damage of Ice Javelin, Zero Degree Bolt, Fire Sword, Flame Dash, Fire Whirl, and Ice Knives, based on player feedback.

- Increased the Damage Over Time of Ignite, Fire Whirl, Flame Blast, Fire Breath, and Fire Sword, also based on player feedback.

- Our costume artists uploaded fixes for five costumes: The female leather mantle and cape, male leather mantle, and male cyberpunk gloves and cybernet arms. If you, as a player see other items that need fixes, please record those notes in the forums.

- We knew it was going to take longer to package the improvements to the game because of the engine upgrades so we committed to more coding fixes yesterday and then installed the patch once it was ready this morning. So, there was no patch (and no patch notes) for yesterday.

- The patch is now live. We ran it through the ringer and didn't find any bugs or crashes. Of course we won't know for sure until we get player feedback on this set of changes.

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