Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Patch Notes

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Patch Notes

Postby Consultant » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:59 am

Wednesday, April 1st, about 11am US east coast time.

We’re late today getting our patch up. We’re making some significant changes to allow our riot system to get a set of upgrades. We will need to make impromptu tests today with whoever is online and willing to participate in something risky (at the Arch) before we set up more polished testing in a day or two.

- We’ve seen some players with costume artifacts trailing behind them in-game. If you have this issue please send an email to We are pretty sure this is caused by a few costume items with vertex issues, which we can fix if we can identify which items are creating this effect.

- We’re looking at the process of selling infusions and other loot to make it easier and more lucrative. No changes yet, but it is under review.

- We upgraded several costume pieces identified in prior days as having problems.

- We’ve made changes to our riot systems so that it we can deliver quantity and level based scaling. This means that the number and level of the enemies in the riot will adapt to the number and level of heroes in the area when the riot begins. Similarly, the spacing of the waves of enemies and the level of the big boss are affected by number and power of the heroes in the area.

- We also added an ability for devs to raise or lower the difficulty of riots on the fly while we are testing. We think players may appreciate this when we do impromptu testing.

- We fixed a few more spots on the map that have been identified by players in the community event. This included some LOD fixes on the statues, and a duplicate building issue and some other items.

- We updated changes to the buttons in CCT to make them better color coded and to add a new 2D art image for controllers.

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