August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

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August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby Consultant » Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:39 am

As most of you know by now we are going to begin testing big battles in Ship of Heroes next Saturday.

This is really exciting for us. We've spent months getting ready for this, including the following:

1. Setting up a hi-intensity server, which is a more appropriate tool for an MMO than a standard server.

2. We tested and then rebuilt most of the FX in the game to make sure that while they look good, they are hitting your computer and the new server as lightly as possible. Contrary to what you may read, an MMO cannot simply buy FX in the Marketplace, and plug-and-play. That stuff is generally built for single player games.

3. We built a new combat simulator and used it to run hundreds of simulated invasions. We call this Operation Valhalla and we'll probably publish a short video about it soon.

4. We completely reviewed and upgraded animations, and adjusted the animation budget in the game upwards. We also created and added many animations, so the game actually has had a major upgrade in this respect.

5. We've created and added numerous new enemies, and new powers for the enemies. You'll see a good deal of completely new stuff in the invasion.

6. We've been chasing and fixing bugs for about 2 months. We're sure something will happen during the various invasion tests that we run (Murphy's Law, after all). but we are about as ready as we can be.

7. Most of all we've been testing extensively to get good FPS, although we test with computers that have 1070 and 1080 graphics chips for the most part. But if your computer is older or your connection is not great, you have quite a few options for playing the invasion and having fun, by dialing down various elements of the games' advanced features until you get the best situation for you, personally, that is possible.

So we are really looking forward to the event. If participants can use the forums to report the typical range of their FPS, and other observations on the event, and what hardware they are using, that will be awesome help for the whole community.

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Re: August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby wayyyback » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:40 am

Will there be a really big download prior to playing on Saturday? I'd like to be prepared and have that loaded and ready to go.

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Re: August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby brando81373 » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:45 am

Very excited to defend the ship!

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Re: August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby indigowulf » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:48 am

*Hovers finger over mouse, waiting for the sign up*
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Re: August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby JestersGhost » Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:37 pm

Woohoo :D

I've been looking forward to this for ages. Can't wait :)
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Re: August 15th, 2020 Invasion Event

Postby Consultant » Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:25 pm

Yes, there will be a big download. Sorry about that. But since the last time we had a community event (4 months ago), we've upgraded the engine (twice?), added multiple enemies, created the combat simulator, added assets to the level, improved the animations, individually assessed and improved the top 70 FX in the game, added some new stuff to the character creator, changed the combat AI (with more to come), adjusted the powers/combat system, and fixed a couple of hundred bugs...oh and improved our system for actually conducting invasions and big battles...

It's a lot. Not a small set of changes.

What we want to do is to send out an email to everyone tomorrow, so they can click on the download button, get dinner, and then make sure they are ready to go.

In case anyone is reading this and is new -- you need to login, make sure your username and password are working, make sure you have an actual character that you want to play (probably it is better if they are at least level 5 or 6 so you have more powers). Don't just show up and wonder "how do I jump into this...where are the characters I can play?" Create a character and run through the city killing bad guys to level up.

Also, having infusions is very good thing on this event...very good.

I know that you guys know all of that...but it probably needed to be said, just in case.

And if for some reason you just cannot make it work, let us know. We will likely schedule a couple of extra runs on other days. We don't want anyone to be cheated out of their chance.

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