Dare I say I am tired of COH?

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Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby razorhawk1 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:50 pm

Myself like many others here are from COH. I was one that was very sad the day COH abruptly (basically) shutdown all of those years ago. I had a detailed base.. friend,s and a PVP rep. I liked everything COH had to offer, and I did all the new material I could... Then when it shutdown, I did feel a void in my life when it was gone. I tried to replace it with other games like Champions, but nothing felt the same.. Then years later it came back online in a new format that allowed everyone to play like they did before. We didn't get our old stuff back, but we are able to rebuild to a degree what we lost.. and I did just that.. I rebuilt what I had lost before. I made my main toons again, and played the old missions for the old rewards etc..etc .. But there was the problem.. It all now feels old. COH is back, yes, but something is missing. I guess it is the ability to be new, and undiscovered. I guess that is one of the reasons I am now drawn to ship. It is a new venture.. a new start .. It just feels right to me for some reason. I am looking forward to getting on board a new venture and a new beginning.

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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby Consultant » Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:28 am

I think I understand what you are saying.

When the closure of COH was announced, I was a very active player. 90 days left? Something has to be done!

And we all lived through that.

Once of the things I did was to give away all of my accumulated influence to others so that they could play the last 90 days with everything they wanted. I also sold all of my stored goodies for a price of 1, with the same motivation.

But I also began "interviewing" my friends in chat. What made COH so great? What did they want to see happen now that the sunsetting of the game had been announced?

I was very surprised. While there was a group (and I was in this camp back then) that wanted the game preserved exactly as it was (maybe by Disney?), there was a somewhat larger group that was already hanckering for COH2. They wanted a successor. They wanted to start over and be in on the ground floor.

I was kind of shocked by this. But I kept digging. What did these folks want to preserve, and what did they want to replace? There was a considerable agreement on these items. People wanted to preserve the positive community of the old COH, But they wanted better graphics, new stories, new enemies, and perhaps some changes to game mechanics to show some love to blasters, and to create some new archetypes. I noticed myself that during the last couple of years every new powerset was enthusiastically tested when it was introduced. But most of all, many of the players wanted to experience again the sense of unknown possibility, of starting with a new game, and enjoying the long, strong ride as it grew and expanded.

Welcome, brother. The new game is here.

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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby Styrj » Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:42 am

Right now, I'm playing on several different CoHV private servers, and am having a blast (I most likely will never get tired of CoHV). However, like the OP said, the first 15 or so levels (may/location wise) seem to be hard coded in my brain such that I know exactly where everything is. I don't get to see any new content until I hit the late 20's early 30's level wise. To a large extent, this depends on the Archetype / Powers selected during character creation. At heart, I am an alt making addict, as are so many other players. Thankfully, some servers allow up to 1000 character slots (whew!)

All that aside, if there is a SoH CCT public beta, I will must certainly join in to see for myself how it plays and compares to CoHV. Otherwise, I will have to wait until the game launches and initiate a 3 / 6 month sub. Since I am now retired and have time to spare, that should provide enough time to check out the local and surrounding maps, and see, overall, how the game plays.

When I'm not playing CoHV or Civ 5, I am usually in my basement working on my HO train layout. Damn it, a mans got to stay busy. For what its worth, I've been around old Sol seventy two times.

:D If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :D

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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby Golden Ace » Fri Nov 15, 2019 2:46 pm

How far along are you on the train? Lionel? Bachman or something else?
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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby Red5 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 12:53 pm

...COH is back, yes, but something is missing. I guess it is the ability to be new, and undiscovered. I guess that is one of the reasons I am now drawn to ship. It is a new venture.. a new start .. It just feels right to me for some reason. I am looking forward to getting on board a new venture and a new beginning.
I myself have recently jumped onto the CoH train (disclaimer not giving up on SoH lol).... and I felt it too. Something was amiss or off.

Took me a week to figure it out (for me).

New Content, I was playing the old familiar game the old familiar way. So I stopped that. I have never played Rogue and it's stories, so I plan to make a new character and run through that content. More recently though...I'd never been to (for example) NIght Ward and it contracts so I am currently running a character through that. Now you and many others may have been done that, but for me it is helping that particular itch.

Friends! By the makers, I never realized just how much I miss them in game. Many of them I am still in touch with IRL (a familiar story to most here), but when the game was gone we moved on to other things...some don't even game anymore.

But it wasn't real apparent to me till I was in game alone and they not there, that the game held less shine w/o them. I tried to rally the ol gang back but it doesn't look like it is gonna happen.

So as a solution I decided I am gonna go out and hopefully make some more friends in the game and hang out with them.

Game world view change, seems different to me now. Back when IO's came out I loved them. I couldn't afford sets and frankly never really messed with them. I was very content with IO basics in my builds and so was everyone else I gamed with...the ones still left at that point.

I admit I haven't really gotten into a SG that does things contrary to what I am about to say...I am sure they exist, but I wanted to get my feet wet before LFG'ing or LFSG. However majority of folks seems more concerned with farm/PL's only to serve as a means to get IO sets that are only needed for better farming. Very circular logic imho.

The PvP'ers, it makes more sense to me why they would min max def, res, and counter status effects via sets...but majority them have flocked to a single server. Er go have farm toons.

I find it odd. I was once an advocate for farms, AE mission running, and PL'ing because for me my game was never solely about that. I had even said, 'don't worry what others are doing'. I am gonna follow my advice on it lol, but I definitely need to find ppl who like the journey and less about the end. I'll probably farm too lol jsut to feed the mouths of my alts :P
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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby GladDog » Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:48 am

CoH has gotten quite a bit of my time over the last months. I decided to see how long it took to level a character solo. I chose my favorite type of Scrapper, Dark/ Dark, and I mostly played solo, avoiding AE, Death From Below & Drowning in Blood, PL's and so on. Probably 46 levels were done solo. This took me 154 hours. That is too quick. And the reward? A never-ending series of TFs & Trials, mostly Mother Ship raids, ITFs, and BAFs. They are fun the first few times you do them, but it is all there is to do that is worthwhile. And now I am completely incarnated, all 6 incarnate slots are at Tier 4. Yes, I have done other stuff, but running low level stuff at the level cap with attuned complete IO sets is pretty easy, i.e. boring. I often find myself tanking this stuff because I have higher resists and defense than most low-mid level tanks.

The point is that CoH has definitely run its course. I don't see any huge increases in content or powersets on the horizon. If it is going to grow, it will be slowly. Unless, of course,Homecoming acquires CoH and they start charging money for it. If they do that, their player base will erode quickly.

If they do this, they will have a loyal player base of about 20k players for the next 3-5 years, and that won't be enough to raise the level cap, make new zones, or add new ATs. All they will be able to do is possibly add a powerset a year, extend the Incarnate stuff and add some content. That won't be enough to hold players like me, if there is a viable alternative, which of course we will have with Ship of Heroes. :D

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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby olepi » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:21 pm

I played CoH from when it first released to about the time AE came out. I quit because it seemed so repetitive, and I wanted something new. I was in the beta for CoV and played that for a while. I had a Warshade at 50, had a SG of all Khelds, base, etc.

Now I'm dipping back into CoH, and it is still very repetitive. So I just drop in, run a few PUG's, and then leave. There is no way I could actually spend a lot of time in the game, it is too old and familiar. I feel the same about DAOC. I played that when it first came out, and played solidly for about 3 years. That was my first MMO and my first taste of PvP. But I can't go back to that game either, it is also too old and familiar. Even though DAOC and CoH are both excellent games.

I was in the closed beta for LoTRO and ESO. I played ESO for a few years, and have dropped it too. LoTRO is the only old game I still have interest in, and that's because I'm a Tolkein fan.

I think the net effect is that today's CoH will revive interest in a superhero game, and will actually work to SoH's benefit. Rather than hurt SoH's market, I think CoH is enlarging it.
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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby JestersGhost » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:45 am

Isn't memory a funny thing? We have so many happy memories of CoH, and yet...

And yet I played the private servers for about a week, and haven't looked at them since. CoH was amazing /in it's time/. Ten years later, there are simply better games to play.

The community and friends were what made it fun, and now that's gone it's just a uniquely-themed MMO with ageing mechanics. Now sure, there's still some really good things it did right that need to be kept: sidekicking, multi-enemy groups as standard foes, consistent and flexible costuming, etc. but that's not enough any more.

That's why I'm here - a game with a theme I love, that keeps the good things from CoH, but adds in the gameplay lessons learnt since.
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Re: Dare I say I am tired of COH?

Postby Odee » Thu Dec 12, 2019 5:23 pm

How far along are you on the train? Lionel? Bachman or something else?
Bachman has great models for the trains, but Lionel has the best HO Slot cars, and Train combos. 👍👏😉
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