Question about the Targeting System

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Question about the Targeting System

Postby MrLazyRiczu » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:32 pm

I promise once I know all my questions, I will just ask them in one post, instead of posting them separately

So the question of this post is... Is there a chance that instead of auto targeting with tab or clicking a character in the game, we could also switch to a shooter like targeting mode?

Explanation: You get a circle/crosshair/whatever in the middle of your screen, and whatever is in that circle or is just touching it will be targeted, but if he/she/it moves away we would have to aim at them again.

Something similar to what already is in Champions Online (Warning: Whenever I comment or post, there's 90% chance that if I compare something or bring something up that I would like to see, that thing will be from Champions Online).

I'm asking because auto targeting never works for me, let's say there is a mob I'd like to kill right now because he could kill me in a instant or drain my energy, and when I switch the targets, I usually end up on the mob I haven't even touched yet = I'm screwed. This could add a little bit more dynamic to the whole gameplay.
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