DAY JOB: Player Usable Musical Instruments, & Music Creation?

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DAY JOB: Player Usable Musical Instruments, & Music Creation?

Postby Odee » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:54 pm

Would it be possible for a Day Job, for our Heroes, a great music set, like that in Lord of the Rings: Online, where players can play instruments in game, and create music that other players can hear as it is being performed in game? If so, that would be FANTASTIC!
LotRO uses an ABC format for the music files players create, or convert from existing music, in a MIDI conversion system that's pretty easy to use.

Even today, I see 3 to 5 players still holding concerts, and playing together as they travel from town to town, and using different instruments in the same song, for other players enjoyment.
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