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Poll For A Way To Claim Your Name In Game.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:28 pm
by Echo 6
At the suggestion of the Consultant, I have created this thread to see how the community feels about an idea I had about holding on to your characters name if you wanted to switch powersets but not necessarily switch RP characters. Please read the below quote for the idea details and then vote on whether you would like to see something like this in-game.

Please also feel free to leave comments and/or suggestion about the idea and ideas of your own that you might have.
Can we have a “Legacy Naming” system in game?

Often when I was playing CoH I would create a character with the perfect costume, name, and backstory but the power set wasn’t quite right. So I made due and RP’d the powers that didn’t quite mesh with my story/character concept. However, sure enough, to my excitement, a power set would come available in a update later on.

But there lies the problem. Here I am with a level 50 character with the perfect name that I now have to delete, quickly remake my costume in the character creator, and hope in that time spent remaking that no one took my name before I launched him again. With my only other options being add to the name with a number or something weird. But the issue with this is not only do I loose my level 50 character but I also possibly loose the name I had.

I know some may say “well whats the problem with that? Come up with a new name and character.” . But for hardcore RPer’s having every element of the correct is what makes these games a lot of fun. Dedicating time to your "primary" characters to get the details right is what keeps you coming back. MMORPG’s is the only place we can live out that vision of a character we worked so hard on and immerse ourselves in the game.

Which is why I would like to request a Legacy Naming System in game. Where if you have the name “Super Fry” for a character you can choose to passed down that name to another new character you create. Instead of being forced to name him or her “Super Fry2”. There could be an added rule to the system where during the process of the name passing on the original characters name should be changed or the original character would be unable to reenter the game until a new name is decided.

This also works for those who are RPing that their hero is retired, died, disappeared, etc. Because now the name can be RPed to be taken up by a sidekick or another character to carry on their original characters legacy. I’m thinking characters like Wally West aka the Flash, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, and so many others that this has happen to in mainstream comics. There even could be an end game mission attached to it that possibly gives you this option similar to the respec missions in CoH.

In closing I really think this could be unique and fun feature to have in the game for RPer’s and casual gamers a like. That not only functions for the player but adds more story elements to the game in general. It could truly add to the super hero themes while opening up the players creativity.

Re: Poll For A Way To Claim Your Name In Game.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:22 pm
by Dirtsleeper
I voted no for two reasons.

The first is the more serious which is in 10+ years I've played World of Warcraft, I've never heard a complaint about someone's name being stolen in the time it takes to delete a character and make a new one. Although I would love to hit subscription numbers similar to WoW, the chances of that happening aren't high which means even less people to potentially steal your name. Because of this, I think the time it would take to develop and code this system could be more beneficial else where.

The second, far less serious, reason is because it's likely I would be on the team developing this system and I would enjoy developing more powerset and awesome gameplay features than a way to save your name for a period of time after deleting your character.

Re: Poll For A Way To Claim Your Name In Game.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:06 pm
by Echo 6
That makes sense.

However, what if you wanted to save the level 50 but just wanted to give the name to another character? In the other thread someone mentioned Rename tokens. Would those be available?

Re: Poll For A Way To Claim Your Name In Game.

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:40 am
by Odee
Perhaps the simple solution is make a Total Respec of all powers available, whether as a micro-transaction (GASP) or Level/Token/Quest thing?