Enemy Faction Idea: Farmer Thyme and His Gardeners

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Enemy Faction Idea: Farmer Thyme and His Gardeners

Postby Major Victory » Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:47 pm

Farmer Thyme is a drug dealer. Using "natural" ingredients at his various farms around the ship, he creates two drugs called "Refresh" and "Brain Hike". Actually, in small, occasional doses, these drugs are quite beneficial.

Refresh is for tired folks who need a pick-me-up that last a hour or twowith "no harmful side effects". The more often you take it, the longer you can stay up and active and mentally alert - supposedly.

Brain Hike is a memory enhancer that helps with almost total recall of what a person reads, sees or hears for a certain period of time - both how long the effect lasts and how far back one can go to recall things. The larger the dose, the further back and the longer you can recall things.

Farmer Thyme's Gardeners sell both products primarily to students that need help when going into important tests and such after trying to cram all the knowledge they need the day before the test. {No one actually does that, right? That's just a trope that students don't actually study until the day or night before a big test, right? :shock: } and to business people who tend to work 50+ hour weeks. So they can be found near schools and business centers.

The problems are that no one takes it in small, occasional doses but tend to be fairly steady users. These drugs are slightly addictive but the more you use them, the greater the addiction becomes. Also the drugs do not pass out of the body's system easily or quickly, so it builds up in the body until a tipping point is reached. That tipping point depends on what percentage of each drug is taken over how long a period of time.

The milder tipping point results in a highly alert, energetic person who is paranoid, can't sleep, highly emotional and has little or no sense of self control or inhibitions. The person could grab a staple and throw it at someone's head because they bugged him. Or they could strip naked, grab and axe and chase anyone and everyone they see on the street, trying to chop their heads off because that person is convince it is the only way to "save" those folks from becoming zombies.

The worse tipping point so far seen is a person turning into a rampaging beast-like monster. They could be anywhere from 7' to 25' tall with not just super-strength but maybe great constitutions, the ability to regenerate, limited invulnerability and mobility like super-speed or leaping.

So low level heroes could have adventures or patrolling duties of taking out Gardeners selling the drugs on the streets.

The Gardeners claim, btw, that their drugs are all natural and nothing in them has been found to be illegal and therefore they are not selling illegal drugs, they may not have a business license but they NOT Drug DEALERS. Farmer Thyme is an excellent but slightly crazy bio-engineer who "retired" to become one with the land and grow nice cash crops that people will enjoy partaking of. And his drugs are very very good cash crops, for him and his men.

Medium level heroes could handle the axe/gun/death ray wielding crazies running around the ship.

Higher level heroes can handle the beastmen.

Not what I consider a major story arc but I think it would be a nice small/medium story arc. It could even be a somewhat seasonal story arc that appears from time to time rather than available all the time. Especially around mid-terms and finals would be when the drugs sell best to students. And end of the year fiscal report time and when big projects are being developed for the business types.


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