What is your character's backstory?

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What is your character's backstory?

Postby Flagwaver » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:31 pm

You knew this thread was coming, so I guess I'll go ahead and kick it off. What is the backstory of your potential main character for Ship of Heroes?

I'll go ahead and start it off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name is Ander Sonalex and I come from a very long line of heroes. That line goes back to the Second World War on Earth. While that was the first in line of the super powered members of my family, our non-heroic service went back much further. I think my family has been traced back to Medieval Germany in what is now the Euro-Russian megastate. However, let me start from the beginning of my birthright.

Eugene Sonalex was the very first hero in my family. It was during the Second World War. He was an enlisted man in the Navy, volunteering before the draft began. He was the driver for one of the landing boats during the invasion of Normandy. It was during that event that his powers manifested.

The landing was brutal. His was the third boat to open its ramp and three German machine gun emplacements opened up on it. The entire complement of troops aboard was killed. A bullet ended up passing through a man in front of him, through the man’s radio pack, through his flak jacket, and impacted right over his heart in his dog tags. Unfortunately, the German gunfire also disabled his landing craft.

Without anything else to do, he decided that he needed to help with the assault. He made his way through the bodies of his troops and picked up a rifle, pistol, and a couple of satchel charges. Armed, he began making his way up the beach with the assault line.

He hooked up with some troops who were trying to blow a pillbox, but they were being taken apart by the machine guns in it. Eugene volunteered to run an explosive up to the pillbox and toss it in. He knew it was suicide, but that didn’t stop him because it was his duty. With no cover between him and the emplacement, he stood and began running in a zig-zag.

One of the Germans inside the emplacement opened up on his with a high caliber machinegun. Eugene felt the shots impacting him, but wanted to get as close as possible before he finally succumbed to his injuries. The problem is that he didn’t feel any pain with the impacts. Just short of the bunker, the shots hit the satchel charge. The explosion enveloped him, but he just kept running.

He reached the outside wall of the bunker and heard the enemy troops yelling inside. With no other weapons and no other choice, he simply punched the side of the bunker. Rather than break his fist on the concrete and brick wall, his fist exploded through it.

He continued to punch the wall until the hole was big enough for him to grab one of the Germans through. Even though the man shot him point blank, he still pulled the man out of the bunker and threw him to the waterline. He climbed inside and began throwing the enemy troops out the hole to clear the bunker.

He continued through more emplacements, destroying them with his bare hands and shrugging off bullets like they were spit wads. After clearing a bunker of enemy troops, he would jump and break through the ceilings to collapse them in on themselves. By the end of the engagement, he was credited with clearing out seven pill boxes and taking out over thirty German soldiers and officers.

Before the sun rose the next morning, he was picked up by the Office of Naval Intelligence and found himself flown back to the United States. Eugene was still in shock over what happened as he found himself being put through a month-long series of tests and training alongside others with various powers. One month and week after the events of D-Day, he found himself assigned to a newly formed branch of the Armed Forces to fight in the war.

The Actions of the Freedom Forces, the heroically powered members fighting for the allies, were instrumental in defeating the Nazi regime. Eugene was instrumental in the attack against the stronghold of the Vril Society, the German super-powered forces. During the battle, he threw himself in front of a Vril’s magical blast to save the daughter of the Freedom Force Commander.

With the European War at an end, he and the rest of the Freedom Forces were sent to the Pacific Theater to fight against the Japanese and their Shimbu-Tai super-powered forces. Eugene found it so interesting that he was the only member of the Freedom Forces that didn’t get sick on the ships. The battles were even more furious than in Europe, but the Freedom Forces came out victorious.

After the war, Eugene began doing a search into the history of his family to find the source of his powers. This led him to an unlikely place, one of the largest cities in the United States and a newly formed group of mystical investigators with the knowledge he sought. It was a young organization, but one more than willing to assist him in looking into the roots of his powers.

It turned out that his family was descended from a long line of Germanic Knights. They drew their strength from what they called an angel. That angel promised that as long as they held true to their patriotism, they would never fall in battle and would be granted the invulnerability and strength of the heavens. In every depiction of his family, from the Crusades to the Great War, the pictures of his family were all holding banners and flags.

With renewed vigor, he took up the name Flagwaver and designed a costume in the red, white, and blue of his country. If patriotism was required to keep his powers, then he would be the most patriotic hero in the country. During the Korean conflict, he was called upon to serve and saw it as his patriotic duty to help.

He finally retired from the hero business when his son came of age. Eugene Sonalex Junior enlisted in the Navy when he came of age and gained his powers on the way to Vietnam. He became the next Flagwaver and accepted the mantle from his father. He was reassigned to a CIA Hero Team and fought for his country. Eugene, Jr. retired from service after the Gulf War and passed the torch to his son.

The newest Flagwaver was Ander Sonalex, a bright young man who was serving in the Army National Guard, attending college with the hope to become an officer. His powers awakened when he was on a training mission in Panama. His unit was attacked by a guerilla rebel force and he saved them.

Ander’s powers awakened just in time, mere weeks before May 23rd, 2002; the date of the first alien invasion of the Earth. Flagwaver made his way to Seattle, Washington with other heroes from around the Pacific Northwest when the odd red portals began to appear over the city. He helped the other heroes to organize the evacuation of the city before things got worse.

Flagwaver fought alongside other heroes to push back the alien invasion that they learned was happening all across the world. He lost friends, lost comrades, lost people whose names he never even learned, all while fighting things from another world. Toward the end of the battle, he was struck by some kind of energy weapon that caused everything to go black. He woke up a week later and learned that the battle was over and the Earth had won. But there was a terrible price.

Something in the blast that hit him somehow stole the magically-imbued powers of the Flagwaver. It took him almost two years to get them back, even at their most basic strength. By that time, a call had gone out to heroes from all over the world to come to the East Coast and push back the darkness. He answered the call and traveled to Rhode Island the next day.

On April 27th, 2004, he stepped off a bus in a neighborhood of the Rhode Island capital called Outbreak. He got in just before the city police force quarantined the zone due to some kind of drug epidemic. He fought alongside the heroes of the city, took missions from the most famous heroes of the world, joined a group of fellow heroes, married a heroine he met during the invasion from Seattle, and continued to serve. He was present during the second invasion on November 30th, 2012 that ended in the destruction of the city.

The line of Flagwaver was passed on for the next 450 years through 15 generations. Each generation saw the Flagwaver power manifest during their military service. When that power manifested, they garbed themselves in the red, white, and blue costume of their forefathers (but updated for the times). Each time, they continued to serve and continued to grow in power until it was time to pass the torch onto the next generation.

The current Flagwaver is named Ander, a family name from the greatest hero of the line. He was serving with the Earth Expeditionary Forces to push back an alien unobtanium raid on one of the colonized worlds. In the fighting, the Flagwaver power ignited within him. This power turned the tide of the battle and the aliens were driven off of the planet.

Shortly after the raid, he put in for a transfer to one of the massive Heroships that constantly circulated between the systems. He saw this as living up to his family name and the mantle of the Flagwaver. His transfer was approved and he received the proper authorizations to board one of the fifteen Free Human Ships that connected the Human Federation. The schedule showed that the next massive ship to pass his planet would be the FHS Justice. Now he could live up to the Flagwaver name and serve on a Ship of Heroes.
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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Bordayus » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:08 am

Hmmm...sadly I doubt my Main character Backstory will top anyone else, but the story for him is this...

Bordayus Judas the 3rd \___________________

Target Being Has existed in a short scale by the Universe scale of time. While Alive, he achieve much for a 16 year old mage before his death at the hands of his Rival and Traitor Flint. Both face their end, but Target was lost inside the Abyssal Domain for 2000 years. We have confirm that a deal was made with the very essence of Death energy, a traits that known to happen across the known galaxy and most likely the entire universe with other Essence of Death. To avoid confusion, we shall use simple terms to give an over simplify terms of the situation that come about. Essence of Death will be refer to as God of Death. The Pact with Mortals it make and the end result are here by refer to as Grim Reapers, or Reapers.

The Target Being soul been seal away, leaving it being mostly incomplete. This also leave the Target being trap in status as he is no longer able to heal but instead revert back to his normal state of being after hurt or killed. His healing powers has it effect how ever, and his semi state of underworld energy left him with an left arm a complete skeleton which he try to keep hidden from the mortals. In the rare cases he decided to resurrect a mortal, the massive life energy will burn him down to his bones, leaving him a chard burning skeleton for a minute before his status return him back to normal...visual and audio ques however prove that the pain does not subsided with this.

As of recent notes, long after the world he use to watch over has out live it life span, Target Being become one Keeper of the Nexus of Knowledge. as the Nexus of Knowledge connect to all life and beings and exist beyond the beginning and end of time, this has a side effect of splitting Target Being into existing into multi Reality. even in stories and games, any world with a thriving imaginative world in the mind of mortals, so will Target Being exist even if it mostly a background character, watching, working, playing a roll to suit the world.

Ship of Hero: Bordayus Judas the 3rd: Bordayus.
Bordayus exist a long time watching the tide of the world move, flowing, washing back and forth from conflict and battles. The few people who notice him often did not pay him any mind, and in truth, Bordayus is not a person of emotion to express so he come off callous and uncaring of others. How ever, the time has come, the time he step in to be a hero. Though he was never meant to be a grand hero, his roll is to support the greater hero of the time.

His mission is clear as he read the scroll of Destiny: His mission is to protect, support, and heal the future legend of heroes that is today newbie heroes on this space ship. Of course...he will need to keep up with them or he will be too weak to support them. he knows they all will face many challenges and many will rise to support the fight in many ways. Bordayus will not be someone special, he will be only someone there to help and support other to their destine greatness. Will you meet with the challenge to protect the people you love and find the hidden strength bury within you or wither under the constancy assault of the enemies?

a written bit of crap I know but it has help explain his many incarnation in different games over the years which continue to fit into the theam of events that has befallen him over the many many years of his existence as a character. still for the rare few who did not get bored with this or made it all the way through without rolling their eyes, hope you found SOME enjoyment even if it from silliness of it all...

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby JestersGhost » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:10 pm

I have two mains, so you get two stories. Aren't y'all lucky?

-------- Ebon Angel --------

You'd think people would be used to meta-human abilities by now, but the "adviser" they'd assigned her seemed to be under the impression merely shutting the door would stop her hearing the argument currently going on outside.

"I need a solution, doc. Yours or mine, I don't care which."

"You seem to be under the impression I am simply unwilling to offer one. I am not some twentieth-century gambling machine that can dispense your prize if you pull the right lever. I am trying, and pointless interruptions like this will only delay that."

"Just stating the facts. You don't like the situation, fix it."

"For the last time, I...ugh." The doctor's voice tailed off in time to the fading of footsteps. Presumably another of those innumerable security people that were always around, acting all concerned like.

The door re-opened, and a kindly face appeared, followed by a slightly awkward body in an un-threatening suit. All very professionally inoffensive, and completely meaningless for it.

"Apologies for the interruption, Ms. Schwarz. My secretary just need some paperwork done."

Gabrielle briefly flicked her eyes up to meet his, then resumed staring and the desk surface in front of her. Least he looked embarrassed when she did.

"Yes, of course. Enhanced hearing. Um. Sorry. You're not a threat, no matter what that idiot says, and I don't want you being exposed to that kind of nonsense unnecessarily."

She almost cracked a smile at that. He really did sound sincere. Did he actually believe that? Four comatose foster-family members and a puppy would disagree with that sentiment. Y'know, if puppies could talk. And the puppy in question wasn't dead. She didn't blame people for being scared, when every time you give this poor, unwanted girl a hug she might accidentally drain the life straight outta ya. She was pretty sure at least one o'them security types had asked why they didn't just shoot her. And then had it explained to them that, while there might be things along those lines they hadn't tried for ethical reasons, there wasn't many, and not one had put her down for long.

And thus, the latest in the long line of unbelievably sincere educated gentlemen who had so kindly tried to explain that she'd soon having a permanent, loving family, and people weren't scared of her abilities. Which was obviously nonsense, for one simple reason.

Gabrielle's abilities absolutely terrified her.

------------ Harlequynne ------------------

"It's not FAIR!"

The petulant youth - though in hindsight, that was a somewhat redundant description - flung himself down on the grass. "What's the point of me climbing up into these stupid holes if you're just going to move the stupid sword every time I find it. It's stupid. You're stupid." It - well, he, currently and as far as the boy was concerned - raised an eyebrow. "And mean," the boy added.

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"What can I do? It's not fair."

"What can you do, indeed? That is an excellent question."

The boy glared, then squinted, then looked at the rocks scattered about thoughtfully, then smiled, then set to work.

A few hours later, once every hole without the sword was filled, the boy climbed up to the only remaining opening, reached inside, and...

Interesting. Did his parents know he had that kind of vocabulary?

"It's not fair." Well, he was nothing if not predictable. "You're meant to be helping me."

"I am helping."

"You're just taunting me. Climbing up and down and around this stupid hillside, chasing this stupid sword hither and thither. What's the point. It's stupid. You're stupid, and the stupid sword won't stay still."

"The sword has never moved."

"So why is it in your hand now?"

"Because it's always been in my hand."

"You said it was in this glade."

"I am in this glade. Thus, so is the sword."

"You said I needed to find it!"

"I said you needed it. You assumed you needed to find it."

"Why didn't you just give it to me then?"

"You didn't ask."

Another rather virulent tirade later - good to know he did he some variety of expression in him at least - and a, "Please may I have the sword?" and the youth walked away. Still grumbling, but fitter, stronger and more aware of possibilities than before. Still needed work, for sure, but not right now, and from a different shape. A woman, this time, perhaps. Older, and ugly. Humans seemed to associate those two traits with wisdom for some reason. He - well, it really, and soon to be her - shrugged. Whatever worked. Humanity would always need teaching, but the vast majority hated being taught. Amazing what they could learn when they weren't expecting it though.
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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby GladDog » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:59 pm

OK, I will bite too!

Glenn Ladd Striker was a great football player at Talos Island High School, somewhat oversize for a tight end at 6’4” and 250 pounds. Even though the team was average, he excelled at his position. With his speed and hands, the coach thought he would be wasted on the offensive line. He was a really talented blocker, closing off the wings on sweeps and helping their halfback get All-City because of his yardage. He earned All-City all three years he was on the varsity team, and got a football scholarship to Paragon University.

However, even though he was a football star, he really was there to study nuclear physics. His appearance belayed his brilliance of mind. He had a 4.0 GPA in high school and was still at 4.0 when he got his Bachelor degree in just three years. He managed to secure the funds needed to get his Masters, which he was awarded after 18 months. At that point the NFL draft was approaching, and with his college eligibility expired he considered going pro. But the scouts he talked to said that there were concerns about his foot speed at the pro level. Because he was too small to be a lineman and too slow to be anything but a blocking tight end, his future in the NFL was limited. At best he would go in a lower round, and would probably only last until the NFL Union contract required them to give him a raise.

That made his decision simple, and he got his doctorate in Nuclear Physics, with an MA in mathematics. When he graduated he was even able to get a job with Crey Industries researching Quantum reactions that could lead to improvements in hero’s abilities. He was assigned to a lab in Venice, the area that eventually became Crey’s Folley.

There Glenn showed off his amazing intellect and because of his strength was able to move objects that would have required three normal scientists to relocate. He was doing research in a way to turn human skin into a Tough Hide, working side by side with a pair of biochemists who were deeply involved in the project. After a very short few months they thought they had a viable test serum ready.

As they were admiring their work, the Rikti struck. They fired energy blasts into the lab they were working in. One of the blasts blew out the wall where their concoction was placed. The beakers containing their serum was blown right at Glenn, and it was splashed over his body as the Rikti energy exploded in the room.

Glenn woke up to see that his colleagues were dead, killed by the blast. He stood up and looked around. The place was devastated. He was dealing with some pain, but nothing like he was expecting. He started looking around for survivors.

He saw a heavily armored door he had walked by many times that was ajar because of the blast. He poked his head in. He could not believe his eyes.

Men were connected to great machines and had numerous IVs plugged in throughout their bodies. The machines had lost power and all of the men were dead except one. Glenn walked over to the guy and started disconnecting him from this scene right out of a horror movie. The man’s eyes opened, and he saw Glenn. Glenn told the man what was happening and then asked what he was doing there. He said he was a volunteer for the Paragon Protector program, but he never expected to end up like this!

As he was recovering, he saw the armor assigned to him. Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to the armor. Glenn was shocked as he saw the armor flow over the man’s body and then form into the very notable Paragon protector uniform.

The man looked around, and then looked at Glenn. His armor powered up and he popped claws out of his wrists! He held his hands to his head, and then turned and leaped at Glenn! The Protector slashed at Glenn, who thought it was the end!

He hardly felt it. He looked at his slashed shirt, and realized that claw attack barely made his skin dent.

And that is when he realized. His skin looked like steel. He coiled up and swung at the Protector, smashing him so hard the guy flew against the back wall! Glenn walked over to the unconscious Protector and looked into his shattered helmet. He was stunned to see that wires had buried themselves into his skin, and he was obviously controlled. ‘This is what I have been working to perfect?’ The thought almost made Glenn throw up.

He saw that the metallic hue to his skin covered everything, including his face. Even his hair looked like strands of metal wire. He noted that he now stood almost 8 feet tall, nearly 20 inches taller than his already impressive 6'4"! Too much had happened, he needed to get out of here! He leaped over to door leading out and broke it off of its hinges, and walked out.

It was a war zone, with Rikti everywhere. Glenn leaped at the nearest one and pummeled his head with a two handed smash! The Rikti crumpled to the ground, but then Glenn saw that he had attracted the attention of about 10 more Rikti! He focused into himself and felt unyielding and invincible! He took a stand, and the Rikti attacked him. While each attack was not doing much, there were so many attacks. He knew he would not last much longer…

Then a black and red blur struck! A very petite looking girl in a cat suit came in swinging her claws with a vengeance! Every time they hit her, the damage immediately healed. Glenn struck his foot to the ground causing a tremor that knocked the Rikti down, and while he had their attention, the catgirl mowed them down!

She introduced herself as Feral Kat and asked Glenn if he wanted to get out of this place with her. “HECK YEAH! Let’s get out of here!” They fought their way to a sturdy concrete fence that separated Venice from the rest of Paragon City, and Glenn used his Crey badge to get them out.
Feral Kat heard his story, and then told hers; how she was a mutant captured by Crey to eventually be turned into a Paragon Protector. She said she had some friends that would be interested in sticking together with them, and did he want to join her?

With his life ripped apart, no job and a huge grudge against Crey Industries, he accepted, and took the name GladStrike. He found an outfit that looked like metal armor, but was actually shiny cloth. He really did not need armor! Glenn never looked back as his new family the Tempest Legion made Lady Crey pay, in spades, for everything she had done!

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby indigowulf » Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:46 am

I need to learn more of the lore of the ship itself to see if I can rebirth my old main, Morbigon, the Dreaming Dragon.

Morbi was the creation of a CoT mage, a young man with powerful magic and not yet much control. The life of a CoT wasn't easy. There was a mission they were on, and those darn heroes kept getting in the way! Night after night, the mage woke in cold sweat, his sheets twisted and thrown off the bed, as his nightmares faded with the opening of his eyes.

As he learned more about his power, he struggled with control. He could conjure the power to lift a host off the ground and hold them in place, waiting for the summoning, but controlling that power was proving a challenge. Instead of holding the host in place, he's send them flying through the sky! It was worse in the days after heroes attacked. His mind just couldn't focus.

One stormy evening, the mage woke from his nightmares as was his custom. He opened his eyes and took a deep ragged breath, relieved that the terrible image would fade away with his waking. This time, however, it did not. The shadows of his room coalesced into a small winged form. It was the hero from his nightmare, the one who had the power to defeat him! Slowly, the shadows parted to reveal a tiny red dragon. She looked at him and licked her lips, before speaking some words he did not understand. At her command, an army of his worst fears sprung to life and surrounded him. He tried to fight back, but his blows did little. What little they did do, the dragon healed away with a flick of her finger. The mage fell to his knees beside his bed, trembling, and raised his hands. It would be easier to surrender and be imprisoned than face his nightmare made flesh for another moment!
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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Christopher Robin » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:47 am

I for one was forever writing out complex intertwining back stories for my heroes... which promptly ran into the absolutely absurd character limit of the in-game Bio. Truncating what I had into the stupidly small (no I'm not bitter at all, why do you ask? Image) space provided had mixed results. Most became unreadable but a few came across as somewhat interesting teasers.

Not sure I kept any of my long form histories, I just used what was available (even though text takes up almost no space and they could totally have tripled the amount allotted with almost no perceivable impact on the servers or gameplay) as in something like this.


Even though the window is larger that was all it would let me put in IIRC.

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby LaughingAlex » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:05 pm

Mine is...complex....and very science fiction-heavy......where to start, I guess I'll write about my main(s)....

Alctrrian Ce'Tanii family:
Planetary territories: 15 red zone, 4 green zone.

The Ce'Tanii family is one of the eldest of wealthy families within the worlds surrounding the milky way galactic core hailing back to the start of the Cy'lacitrr Republic and the civil war against the old alctrrian empire. The family was always the most scientific, but also the least moral. In fact, they had created the modern robotic alctrrians which had stolen the races name for itself in a brutal civil war. The family has since fallen on hard times, losing it's seating in the weakened Cylacitrr Republic in the wake of the last war with the Phiscra, who've left the outer core planets in ruin and trillions dead.

Senate engineer 9-ZX765: Warp Chronetricka "Sex, drugs, and mad science...whell as close as a robot can get!"
Status: MIA

The only former-human to be assimilated and transformed into a machine, Chronetricka suffers from the robotic equivilent of hard drug addiction, regularly frying her own CPU to induce highs or experimenting with dangerous fissionable materials, Chronetricka is often viewed as a wild card. It's difficult to tell if she will come up with a moment of brilliance or she has already damaged her CPU again, or if both are happening at the same time. She'd admit she wasn't always a bipolar mad-gynoid, however.....

Year: 2499, Deep within Red Zone 8-X on blood moon NB-76 3c

Chronetricka hovers through the corridors of the old Singularity VI, the sixth of it's make. "I swhore I didn't fire a grenade there." She muttered to herself as she drinks the green-glowing fluid from the broken battery in her hand. Numerous shocks of pain flow through her head, she closes her eyes, enjoying the colors in her momentarily damaged optics. She hovers through the corridors into a room, to a terminal she'd abandoned a century ago.

She see's herself in the ship in it's prime, looking at other androids of varying shapes, sizes, and representations of differing aliens. She looks at herself in her old humanoid form dressed as a lab technician. Closing her eyes, she opens them to a broken, damaged terminal, which she promptly tears open, and moving wiring aside to a battery unit. She pulls it out, pulling a bag held to her chassis in front of her, the robotic hand digging through and pulling a smaller battery. A third arm extends outwards to hold the wires aside when she begins to jury rig the battery....

The machine turns around, suddenly seeing an explosion rock in front of herself. She looks on as the same lab technician she was fire in desperation at the robe-clad robotic cultists, Fesari, unleashing hails of high velocity bullets while shielding herself in return. The machines drop, but others enter to destroy other androids, a massive bug-like replica dropping nearly on top of the desperate woman. The machine closes her eyes and opens them, seeing only debris and bullet holes revealing empty space. Intense sunlight suddenly enters the room through the holes from the intense binary star rising from the other side of the moon.

She banks back towards the panel, hovering around it and replacing older cables with newer ones. The terminal finally activates. The robot pulls out a cable and quickly connects it to a port, she quickly begins pulling data. Her sensors pick up movement and EM fields entering the hull of the ship. A hand slips into the bag, pulling out a stock-less rifle. She pulls the cable, and flies through the door....

...and stumbles in front of a few gold-covered machines. "Ravyn 9-ZX765. We finally find you. Drop the weapon and hand over the bag...and anything you had stolen from the property of The center." "Why whould I do that? Besides last I check this my old ship, I surely have right to everything on it according to your god." "The center demands all Sybils of Temp'Cora to be tried for treason. Submit and the Center may see fit to let you go." "No thank you, now excuse me before I send you to hell." "Hell...is that an alien underworld? You are under arrest for her-."

She slows time and opens fire before he finishes. Suddenly her optics spot a door opposite of the room being torn open by a massive, 10 foot clawed monster, she hastedly kicks the afterburner in her thruster to flee as cultists fire on her, grazing the particle shields. Time returns to normal for her, and she see's machine being sent flying past her hull. She flies as fast as she can through a door and slams it shut, hastedly welding it in place, it rapidly bends and twists, her audio mics pick up sounds heard through the thin atmosphere.

The robot turns around, scanning her surroundings hastedly, seeing two rooms, she hastedly closes one, seals it shut, and flies into the other one partly closing it. The machine activates a cloaking field, rendering itself invisible, and peaks through the opening. The bent door is shortly torn open, and the massive, half foot thick armed, two foot clawed creature walks through, with it's bluish scales. It studies the room, and proceeds to try clawing the first sealed door open. Chronetricka hovers back, slowly, and floats out a window.

Her thruster holds her above the blood-red crystal sands. Her optics turn towards a horizon, numerous flashes can be seen as more giant-clawed beasts appear out of thin air. Other, much smaller dog-like creatures are seen as bright shapes take permanent form. I have to get off this rock now... she thought Can't let phiscra ruin the day. She flies off into the gore filled jungle, eyeballs and bright, orange toxic waste before entering a small shuttle. She doesn't hesitate to hit the thrusts.....

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Galactus55 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:03 pm

Classified ;)
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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Kid Rad » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:11 pm

Mine are a little cheesy and contrived, but here goes.

Kid Rad

Kid Rad was a professional painter by day, and by night, he was an amateur luchador wrestler. He enjoyed his wrestling very much, and would have loved to go professional, but being of average height and build, he was no match for some of the bigger wrestlers in the ring.

Then one day, while painting the inside of a nuclear facility, he fell off a lift into a cooling tank. Although he was wearing a radiation protection suit, it got torn in the fall, and radioactive water surged into his suit. They pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital to be treated for radiation poisoning.

After a lengthy recovery, he was very anxious to get back into the luchador ring. Much to his surprise, he started winning match after match. It seems the radiation had altered his physiology, and he started to gain an inhuman level of strength. He could knock a rival out with one punch, and toss his foes clear through the bottom of the ring (most times accidentally). Eventually, he was shunned from the world of wrestling entirely, called a freak and a cheater.

Incidentally, around this same time, humanity was being posed with increasing threats from aliens and supernatural entities, so he decided to take his super human strength out of the ring, and onto the streets to protect all of civilization from these threats.

While his mutations may have gave him superhuman strength, he was not granted immortality. However, his strength was passed down to his ancestors, and the line of Kid Rad was has stayed strong well into the modern day of intergalactic super heroes. The current Kid Rad finds himself dwelling aboard the HMS Justice, protecting the residents of the Apotheosis City from any threat that may present itself.


Alastor is a fallen demon, formerly serving at the right hand of Lucifer, and the executor of his sentences. As his kind first fell from the order of angels, he has yet again decided to turn against his master, and is now a rogue demon, serving neither good nor evil. He now resides among humans, protecting those he deems worthy of protecting. His primary goal is to keep balance in the universe, and preventing the dominion of one sect of creatures over another. As such, he serves no allegiance to any one group, and works to be an arbiter of justice between any and all opposing sides.

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby TeamSG1 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:46 pm

Lady Power:

While working on alternate forms of power and storage during a test of a new way to store more electrical energy gathered from lightning strikes, the chemical cells used over loaded and she was dowsed in the charged chemical and was knocked out into a coma and when she woke up 3 months late she found that the electrical equipment in the room was acting strange. Withe each passing day the effect was getting worse, this is when she figured out that she could control electricity. She decided then and there that she would not misuse this gift and use it for the good of humanity against those that would do harm or crimes to humanity.

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Country Strong » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:15 pm

Mines real simple ya'll, a big dang meteor came down on our farmland and all of a sudden my Pop, "Old McDonald" Could control the plants, my Sissy, we call her "Farmers Daughter" now could heal anyone that came anywhere near her, but she was always the sensitive type. As for myself, I was as strong as 10 of our bulls plus four tractors! We just do what we can to help anyone that needs it, we've always believed on helping others in need.

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Eulb » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:26 am

Classified ;)
Ok that is just funny Galactus -- classified
Mines real simple ya'll, a big dang meteor came down on our farmland ...
Country Strong your story is just fun ...
Let the bright stars ahead guide your journey

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Zalgo » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:58 am

I'll start this off with one of the longer backstories I've got for my many characters. I do love creating characters.

Al Denton

From the beginning Allan's life was a hard one. He was raised an only son with only a mother to take care of him. From an early age his mother had to dedicate more time to the flower shop she ran in order to keep the family afloat. He only really ever saw his mother early in the morning before he went to school and even then she was much too busy to properly take care of him. He did everything himself since he was forced to take care of himself since his mother was simply too busy to help.

Life at school was no easier. Being as shy as he was he never really made any friends and many of the other students took great delight out of tormenting him as well as anyone else who was unlucky enough to not fit in. He learned very little in the classrooms but out in the playground he learned to be hard, to be tough and to survive. Needless to say the days of his life when he was supposed to be enjoying life and having fun were spent in misery, fear and social isolation. Still, despite all the terrible things the people around did to him he vowed never to become like his tormentors.

Many years of this life he spent like this, resolute on trying not to become the scum of the earth which he had to endure the company of in the hallways and streets. It was at this point he started to realize he had strange powers he wasn't aware of. He went to the places he usually went when he wanted to be alone, places no one else typically went to such as abandoned junk piles, abandoned buildings and the sort. Outside the prying eyes of his peers he practiced, examining these strange new abilities he could now wield. In these places he practiced, testing the boundaries of his strength and improving them. Even with these new gifts he still continued on with life, keeping the power he wielded as a secret only he knew.

As he came of age he figured he needed to pick up a career in order to feed himself and afford rent. He managed to score a job as a security guard at a mall. It was by no means a highly prestigious position but they were willing to hire him and it beat working as a fry cook. What was nice was that since he picked up the night shifts he was often times the only guard on shift. He'd find areas away from the cameras and work out, testing his powers in secrecy while at work. It was also nice because during the day he had time to train in hand-to-hand fighting, an additional means of better controlling his strength. Of course he was definitely careful to make sure not to use any of his powers while training lest he end up revealing his secret.

One late night while Al was busy doing curls with a vending machine he heard a strange noise coming from down the hall. He set the large soda dispenser back against the wall and started walking towards the source of the noise. He approached a strange curio shop full of all sorts of unusual miscellanea, trinkets and the sort. Inside he could see three figures approaching the entrance. One set of footsteps was heavy and hard while another was accompanied with the rattling of a chain. The third was normal.

When the intruders stepped out he was in for a surprise. The first guy looked like the usual street punk with long ratty hair, dragging along a long heavy looking chain. The second guy looked like some sort of high end CEO type of fellow, complete with pitch black slicked back hair and a suit that looked like it cost more than Al's yearly pay multiplied by ten but more worryingly were his eyes which were blazing with fire. The third guy was the most surprising, a huge man covered from head to toe in a suit of chitinous stark black insectoid armor, a pair of glowing red eyes peering out from the open slot in what seemed to be partly a helmet and partly a growth fused to his black skin.

"What the..." Al was rightly at a loss for words upon stumbling upon this band of intruders. The serious man in a suit simply raised his hand, pointing straight at him.

"Take him out." The man with the burning eyes commanded. Al's body barely had time to even tense as the hulking man in chitinous armor lunged forward immediately upon hearing the order. With a fist easily as large as Al's own head he smashed him with a straight punch to the chest, sending him flying back with the sheer force he hit him with. Sailing through the air Al's body hit the mesh gate in front of the grocery store, tore a hole straight through it and continued through until he crashed into the side of a line of shelves.

"Huh. They usually break." The armored man remarked as he looked to where Al had landed. He was slumped in the crater his back left on the shelf, food items scattered about the floor. His whole chest throbbed with pain and his breathing was labored. Still, despite the tremendous force of the blow his rib cage remained intact. There was still fight in him yet as he struggled back to his feet, attempting to gather his bearings.

"Haha! Looks like this night just got interesting!" The one who held the chain jubilated, the thrill of the fight sending a chill of excitement as he surged forward, his chain slithering behind him. Swinging the chain forward the linked line of metal suddenly became a whole lot more animated, whipping out towards Al who was still staggering from the previous blow. The long chain cut through the metal mesh in front of the store like it was tissue paper, lashing out and wrapping around Al's torso. Al attempted to grab the chain but before he could attempt to seize it the seemingly living metal launched up, driving his head into the ceiling before it slammed him down into the floor. The whole ground shook at the impact, leaving an Al shaped hole in the floor.

This was bad. He was just being slung around like a toy doll by this greasy street punk, cackling as he manipulated the chain to his every whim. The chain's hold on him was powerful like the grip of a titan, even for one as strong as he. There was little way he was going to loosen it's grip on him, not that it was giving him any real opportunity to as it ran his head down the shelves along an entire aisle. Thinking fast as he was real tired of being smashed into things he caught a loose glass jar of salsa. As the man wielding the chain reeled him in for a real beat-down Al pitched the jar as hard as he could at the guy's head.

Crash! The jar connected, shattering from the force of the impact. With a short note of surprise and pain the punk's head whipped back. The chain lost all strength as the body slumped to the floor, knocked cold. Before Al could rise to his feet however the armored man rushed over, arms raised to deliver a haymaker.

Al rolled out of the path of the blow just in the nick of time, sending chips of flooring and concrete up at him like shrapnel. Even as thrashed as he was the sharp debris failed to pierce his rock hard skin. Without a moment's pause he scrambled to his feet and started running away, the insectoid ogre of a man giving chase. Though Al was light and strong the larger man held a lot of momentum and was gaining on him. Seconds from being caught he made a sudden right, turning down and aisle and taking off. The armored attacker had more difficulty turning on a dime like Al did, the distance between them growing.

Despite this gap he grew with so much aisle to travel down Al realized he wasn't going to make it to the end before his pursuer could get to him. In a snap decision of desperation he skidded to a halt before leaping at the heavy pugilist, both legs out in a double kick at the guy. While the kick connected the force only served to briefly halt the man while Al simply fell to the floor, on his back once more. To keep the chitinous bruiser from descending upon him he attempted to kick the foe back but he simply swept Al's legs aside and started raining blows upon him.

Al had his arms tucked in a tight guard but each hit landed with enough force to drive him through the ground, a little deeper with each punch. That was not to mention the fact that he felt like he was getting hit by a speeding car with each punch he took. He knew that simply defending only meant that he was going to get killed, plain and simple. With that in mind he seized the brief moment after a strike where the man wasn't hitting him and lowered his guard, reaching down and grabbing hold of the man's black chitinous ankles. With a swift yank Al pulled himself in between the man's legs, his head slipping right below a blow meant for his face. Now behind the guy he swiveled on his back, facing his feet at the assaulter's back plates. Pushing off from his back he kicked the man's rear end, sending him tipping over onto his face.

It was a window to act. He was succeeding much better than he initially felt, what with one attacker down and the other now open for retaliation. He could of run then but he decided to try his hand and fight back. Quickly pushing himself up onto his feet he was about to seize the opportunity to strike back when something caught his eye. Right in his arms reach on the shelves next to him were jars of peanut butter. Now this would not be an interesting fact under any regular circumstances but in this case it was pertinent since his foe was armored. The likes of this guy's chitinous shell might rebuff his fists however peanut butter would definitely find it's way through the cracks in his protection.

Just as the armored man was rising to his knees in the process of standing up he looked up only to see plastic case of peanut butter rapidly approaching his face. Before he could intercept the object with his hands Al drove it right into his face. The package was ripped apart upon the harsh edges of the foe's face plates, the gooey light brown paste splattering through the brow guards into his eyes. Al leaned back, dodging a fast swat at him as the blinded fighter roared in inarticulate offense. This was it, the time to lay down some revenge pummeling.

Only for everything to suddenly light up. A beam of concentrated fire, about as large as Al's own body, burnt a hole through each and almost every object in it's path. Were he some ordinary human he'd be little more than charred dust at this moment. Thanks to his phenomenal defense however the stream of fire only served to completely immolate him, the heat blistering his skin.

This whole time the man with the burning eyes had been following his every move, watching him even through the many shelves and other obstacles. This was why they needed him, because once he sees someone he can always see where they are. The ability to incinerate all that he sees with fire was simply a pleasant side benefit.

At this point the man in armor was not important. The man with the chain nor even the man in the suit were important. The only thing that was important was the fire. He needed to put it out, nothing else at that moment mattered to him. Quite nearly flailing in agony Al ran for the nearest freezer and jumped into it, not even bothering to open the door as he simply crashed through the glass pane. Once inside he grabbed several buckets of ice cream and pressed them flat against himself, dousing the flames in ice cold cream. Once the worst of the fires were quelled he looked out to assess the situation.

The guy with the chain was starting to come out from his brief bout of unconsciousness and the armored man was still busy trying and failing to clear the peanut butter from his eyes since the chitinous plates around his fingers were too large to fit in his eye slot. The man in the suit however was still looking straight at him, the flames in his eyes growing with intensity. This wasn't a fight he was going to win. Even if he tried to stop the man in the suit from immolating him all over again the man with the chain was going to be rejoining the fight shortly and the armored man not long after him. Seeing no clear victory to be had he decided to take this momentary recess to escape.

Leaping from the freezer Al ran for the exit. Like a rabbit in pursuit his heart was beating rapidly as the adrenaline carried him forward, keeping him moving and holding back every sense that was pushing at the gates of his awareness to tell him he should stop moving and collapse. He bolted through the exit, tripping the silent alarm to the building as a result. This did not keep him however as he kept running, not pausing until his legs were on the verge of giving out beneath him. After the panic that gripped him had faded fatigue filled the void it had left, leaving Al with little other choice than to collapse into the nearest dumpster, resting upon bags of garbage until he was able to fight through the pain he was in and find the strength to dial a cab.

As the man with the chain's vision stopped spinning he held his head which throbbed with pain, looking about for the guard that dealt him the blow only to catch a fleeting glimpse of the man running through the exit. Before he could chase however the man in the suit extended an arm, holding him back.

"Hey, we just letting him go alive-like just like that?" The punk complained, the chain in his hands itching to coil around Al's throat and crush the life out of him.

"No. More formidable foes are on route to here. We have the stone, we need to leave. Now."

The two wanted to finish what they started with the lone security guard however neither one were going to disobey the words of their leader. Waiting only long enough for the man in armor to rinse the peanut butter from his face plates they fled the scene before their opposition could close on the situation. Aside from failing to kill a witness their crime went mostly without error. This was not the last time Al was going to see them however.

After the incident Al spent a solid week in bed, healing from the injuries he sustained. Luckily for him he possessed more than just superhuman strength and durability. He also held the ability to heal, both himself and others though he'd never tried the latter method. After forensics were through with the scene he soon found government agents at his doorstep. Turns out the secret was no longer all that secret anymore, not to everyone.

Once he was more or less fully recovered they had him come in and register as a superhuman being, explain the rules and responsibilities of his new position very clearly to him. He never wanted this, hence his secrecy, however it seemed lady luck carried on her usual trend of taking all his plans and casting them directly into the mud.

While he'd of rather let the other heroes step in and thwart the villains behind it all it seemed there was no way to avoid being dragged into the middle of it all. After all, there were good people living in his neighborhood, people who didn't need to suffer all this violence and bloodshed.

Better he suffer instead. At least, that's how he sells it to himself.
"Contra principia negantem non est disputandum"

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Eulb » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:13 am

I stand ( really sitting ) at the imagination of the participants...
Let the bright stars ahead guide your journey

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Re: What is your character's backstory?

Postby Fireheart » Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:22 am

I can barely remember when I was just a woman, just a girl, but I was one - once.
I can just remember the first time the Goddess came to me, came into me, came over me, filled me, possessed me, spoke through me, and worked miracles through my hands.
And not just one goddess, but all goddesses, who are one goddess, over and over, through time.
I journeyed from place to place and people to people, as time passed.
Goddess-touched, I grew no older, I did not die - I went on.
Filled with power and miracles, I remained powerful.
I was Inanna. I was Ishtar. I was Isis.
I was Ashera, Astarte, Anahit, Artemis.
Many goddesses and one.
But she came less often.
And less often.
And not at all.
I was alone.
For a long time.
Now it is a new time, a new place, with new gods and goddesses.
And I am here.


That's only one of Many characters I had/have, Astarte Tsovinaar, 10-thousand year-old priestess of the Goddess.
https://orig15.deviantart.net/4424/f/20 ... 9d3c4a.jpg

Be Well!

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