Heroic Games Corporation is a State College, Pennsylvania-based independent developer and publisher of cutting-edge Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). The firm is currently focusing on the development of a single title, Ship of Heroes, which was announced in November of 2016.

Heroic Games is privately held, having been founded by a group of gamers and coders with significant experience in building high-quality games, managing technical projects, and commercializing new technology.

The President and CEO of Heroic Games is Casey E. McGeever, and he has assembled a small team of skilled volunteers and outstanding game development professionals. They are united by a shared vision of what Ship of Heroes could be, and are committed to the creation of a superb game which incorporates player feedback.

Development team

Casey McGeever is the President and CEO of Heroic Games. Casey has been a lifelong gamer, beginning with arcade gaming and advancing to MMOs, his passion. McGeever has advanced degrees in both engineering and management, and works as a strategy consultant when he is not leading the Ship of Heroes team. He has deep experience with starting new companies, technology development and implementation, and marketing. Casey is also a certified project manager, and brings his combination of business discipline, intensity and creative problem solving to the development of Ship of Heroes.

Mickael Azzam is an expert game programmer. He has been deeply involved in integrating the Ship Of Heroes character animations, and in coding powers for the game and other elements of code development. Mickael is from France, and currently committed to code development to build out the complex system of powers and powerset for Ship of Heroes.

Robert Brown is both a 2D, and 3D focused character production artist and game designer whom has been working professionally in the games and animation industry for well over a decade now. Robert has also taught game design and production art for 9  years on a university level within and outside the united states. Robert is also a development Artist and designer experience with designing games for Virtual reality and is the co-founder of SkellyCude a VR games production studio founded in Ohio. Some of the titles Robert has worked on include  NFL street 3 for the PlayStation hand held, NFL Tour for the Xbox 360, F.E.A.R 3 for the PlayStation 3 ,Xbox 360 ,PC and Tiger woods golf 2009 while he worked at EA sports as character artist.

Chris Dech is a very experienced web designer and programmer, and is also a skilled concept artist and UI Designer. Chris is central to the production of character-concept art and 2D art for Ship of Heroes, including art featured on the SOH website. Chris lives in Texas, and was also a City of Heroes player, which helps explain his passion for Ship of Heroes.

Nicolas Esposito is the founder and President of Enter Reality, a specialist in virtual reality equipment, systems and modeling for the gaming industry. For Ship of Heroes, Nick has been involved in creating and selecting character models, rigging, and animations, and has also been critical in terms of finding and qualifying new plugins and code that enabled us to leap forward with development. Finally, Nick creates custom animations. Nick operates out of his offices near Rome, Italy.

Eric Gooch has been working as an artist in the game industry for 24 years. He has done 3D modeling, environment art, texturing, special effects, and UI, but has specialized mainly in lighting. He has shipped over 26 games, most of which were AAA titles, including the Command and Conquer series, Ratchet and Clank games, Resistance: Fall of Man series, and Ryse: Son of Rome. Most recently Eric worked on lighting at 343 Industries for Halo 5: Guardians. At Heroic Games, Eric has been the main creator of the first ship level, from early drawings to the current state, and drives excellence in art style and execution.

Daniel McGeever is a lifelong gamer with education including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, with a focus on AI. He has previously built proprietary web-based trading tools and worked as a code tester for Microsoft. Daniel is an original founder of Heroic Games. He is currently working as the lead game designer.

Sara-Clare McGeever is a Project Engineer at Heroic Games Corp. An avid gamer since childhood, Sara-Clare has been playing MMOs for over a decade. She has a degree in electrical engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as well as experience in commercial marketing. She not only manages the project schedule for Ship of Heroes, she is also responsible for evaluating and licensing code, plugins and other assets for the company.

Justin Roberti is a long time passionate gamer who volunteers for Heroic Games, bringing his skills and experience in public relations, media relations, digital marketing and communications to the Ship of Heroes team. Justin is a Rutgers graduate in media and screen writing, and also volunteers for causes such as Autism awareness, human and animal rights and environmental protection. Justin has 20+ years in PR, marketing and implementation of creative projects on a commercial basis.

Matthew Wilson is a graduate of KU/AAU with degrees in both game development and web design. Matthew is an original founder of Ship of Heroes, and has created the game’s Character Creation system, code and databases, as well taking on a central role in system and code integration. Additionally Matthew is a talented artist with a specialty in costume and prop design. He has previously been a well-known modder in the Skyrim/Fallout universe creating multiple modifications for various games in that ecosystem.

Roman Kramar is a veteran software developer who started building games back in the NES era and was plunging into every generation of gaming platforms. He then ventured into industrial simulations and archviz but is now getting back to developing games for modern PCs and consoles. After developing a number of VR titles and helping BeefJack Ltd. build and release Iron Fish on Steam Roman joined the Ship of Heroes team. He’s going to put 20 years worth of experience into making Ship Of Heroes the game you always wanted to play.

In the past, ‘Ominate’, a super jumping red radioactive lobster in City of Heroes. Today, a CG game generalist and Instructor, James Smith has 4 years of experience on projects ranging from cg architecture, to game art and design. Recently focusing more on game development, he is excited to be apart of the development for Ship of Heroes.