The Character Creator

The character creator allows you to create and keep unique characters


It is not just about the costume: the face and body shape can be completely customized beyond the select number of templates offered by some other games.

Quickly get to something you like with the randomizer. You can use it for the whole selection or for select items, and finish editing from there.

You can write the background story of your character and other players can read it in game by right clicking on your character.

Your looks and costume are independent of your archetype, powers, and level: you never have to give up your beautiful choices for more power.

At any time, you can change looks, costumes, story, and powers within the power sets on an existing character.


Heroes automatically get travel powers including flight from level 1

Quickly get to something you like with the randomizer

“Random Look” surprises you with the body and face for the type you selected (male, female, or big guy).

“Random Costume” lets you keep the selected body and face and shows you randomly selected costume pieces, without changing the colors.

“Random Color” will vary the color of the entire costume, while “Color Part Only” will simply select a color for the costume piece you highlighted.

The randomizer buttons can also give you a starting point to be edited, perhaps with a custom RGB color as shown below the color picker. As always, the choice is yours.

All photos and videos are taken in game unless otherwise stated and are shown unedited. Outside views of the FHS Justice are concept art.

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