Upgrading to Engine Version 4.21

Upgrading to Engine Version 4.21 In the middle of 2016 we originally began the development of Ship of Heroes with the then-current version of the Unreal Engine, version 4.11.3.  As development proceeded, we upgraded our engine version several times, and each upgrade brought new features, but also required a [...]

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2018 Holiday Video

2018 Holiday Video Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Our successful login tests on December 15th took everything we had, so recording this video had to wait until after the Christmas holiday.  But we have some very exciting new game elements to show. [...]

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2018 – Accelerating to Lightspeed The Year in Review

2018 – Accelerating to Lightspeed The Year in Review It's been a very good year for our Ship of Heroes team.   Despite some delays, we've surpassed every challenge and pushed forward, moving ever closer to launch.  Those of you who were with us all year have seen extremely rapid, [...]

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FPS Success in SoH

FPS Success in SoH An FPS test with 103 heroes and 103 Nagdellians under the Arch.  FPS is 31.6.  Blue Man is our lead coder's favorite test character. Hello, Ship of Heroes supporters!  This newsletter is quite different from what we’ve published in the past.  [...]

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2018 Halloween Video

2018 Halloween Video Happy Halloween, Ship of Heroes supporters!  The arrival of Halloween kicks off the holiday season for many of us, and Halloween will be one of the three confirmed special event periods aboard the Justice.  Last year we showed off the Dark Magic [...]

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Civilians and Cars

Civilians and Cars One of the key goals in any game is immersion in the story.  One facet of immersion in an MMO is allowing significant numbers of players to be one the screen at the same time.  But the players are not the only people in the universe [...]

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