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The Doctor is in.

The Doctor is in. It’s time to release the background and costume for another one of our signature heroes, Dr. Ellen Strikewell.  The good doctor is an example of an NPC hero with an important dayjob – she works in the hospital in Apotheosis City.  As such, she will [...]

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The SoH Character Creator

The SoH Character Creator This video demos the current version of our character creator.  The Ship of Heroes character creator is a completely custom tool built by our devs using the tremendous power of Unreal Engine 4.13.2.   We’ve created our own costumes and art assets, and supplemented with [...]

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How can Ship of Heroes fit Apotheosis City inside a spaceship?

How can Ship of Heroes fit Apotheosis City inside a spaceship? “How can there be a city inside a spaceship?” is a question we are often asked.  This video illustrates the size and appearance of the FHS Justice, and answers this question.  Please note, this video is NOT [...]

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Meet Ambassador

Meet Ambassador In this issue of the Ship of Heroes Design Studio we are revealing the costume of one of our signature heroes, Ambassador (signature taunt: “Who wants to negotiate now?”).  Ambassador is an invulnerability tanker with high resistance and defense.  Ambassador’s given name is Jonathan Cohan, and he [...]

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The Arch is Central

Presenting the Arch The Arch is Central The Arch is one of the most easily recognized architectural features of Apotheosis City.  It is more than just a monument; it is a critical machine integrated with the rest of the ship.  The ship's engines occasionally release Unobtanium particles [...]

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