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Civilians and Cars

Civilians and Cars One of the key goals in any game is immersion in the story.  One facet of immersion in an MMO is allowing significant numbers of players to be one the screen at the same time.  But the players are not the only people in the universe [...]

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Hero Profile: Meltdown

Hero Profile: Meltdown Art-Photo Close-up of Meltdown Meltdown is a half-human hero who was born on the planet Karschk to a human mother and a Vais father; the planet's population is a 20-80 mix of humans and Vais.  Like humans, Vais only gain superpowers through Unobtanium [...]

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The Limits of Nanites

The Limits of Nanites "I never worry about nanites; they have an innate weakness to massive fireballs. Then again, so do most things..." -Meltdown Nanites are tiny robots, too small to see, that are programmed to work together and complete various tasks.  Nanotechnology is a well-established field in [...]

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Design Studio for the Female Soldier Costume

Design Studio for the Female Soldier Costume. Female Soldier Costume. In this newsletter we’re showing a female soldier costume, using the Ship of Heroes Design Studio.  This costume has been created for our female model, and will be available for players to use in creating and customizing their characters.  [...]

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What Makes an Alpha?

What Makes an Alpha? What Makes an Alpha? For over a year we’ve been asked variations on the question of what counts as an Alpha or a Beta, and we’d like to share our thinking. In all projects, there has to be a beginning.  One day in the past [...]

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What We Learned from the Combat Alpha

What We Learned from the Combat Alpha Thanks to the supporters and press who have gone on the first combat runs in Apotheosis City! You made our first Alpha Combat Test runs a great success through your participation, your enthusiasm, and your feedback. I think we have seen that [...]

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