Archetypes and Powers

Heroes are defined as much by their powers as by their appearance. These powers are organized into familiar archetypes. Every archetype is designed to be fun both when playing with friends or playing alone.

Each archetype has a variety of primary and secondary powersets to choose from, so no matter what archetype you play, your character is always a unique character.

Ship of Heroes Tanker

The archetypes are:

  • Tanker – They take hits for the team by using their melee powers to taunt enemies into attacking them instead of their more fragile teammates. Tankers have defensive primary powersets and offensive secondary powersets. They do moderate damage and are very tough.
  • Brawler – They wade into fights and deal large amounts of melee damage to groups of enemies. Brawlers have offensive primaries and defensive secondaries, the reverse of Tankers. They do high damage and are moderately tough.
  • Support – They heal and buff their teammates from a distance, keeping themselves out of range of powerful enemies. Defenders have support primaries and offensive secondaries. They do moderate damage and are excellent at buffing and healing themselves and their allies.
  • Ship of Heroes DefenderDevastator – They launch powerful ranged attacks at enemies while remaining out of range of enemy retribution. Devastators have offensive primaries and support secondaries. They do the highest damage and have moderately effective buffs.

You make the choice about whether melee combat or ranged combat seems more fun. Tankers and Brawlers are melee-focused archetypes. They’re always right on the frontlines, and rely on defensive powers and higher maximum health to survive close-in combat. Defenders and Blasters are ranged archetypes. They rely on clever tactics to keep at a distance while firing at enemies and buffing themselves and allies.

Coming in the future are even more, new archetypes. The first ones to be added will be Controllers, who can stun and immobilize enemies, and Commanders, who control an entire squad of allies. Of course, if you have any suggestions about an archetype you’d like to play, we’d love to hear it! We always enjoy hearing back from our community.