Games don’t have to be innovative to be fun, but it definitely helps. Ship of Heroes stands out from other MMOs in several ways.

Ship of Heroes has an upbeat, positive setting that’s lacking in many games. The art style, color palette, and lighting all create a vision of a positive future for humanity – a future worth fighting for.  Apotheosis City is a bright and beautiful paradise. If it were a real city, the whole dev team would move there. There are dangerous foes to fight, but the ship’s crew and citizens are united, hopeful, and happy. Even Heroes lose fights sometimes, but humanity is not about to be destroyed, and the galaxy is thriving, rather than post-apocalyptic.

Our intention is to make dozens, then hundreds of powers, across numerous powersets. Millions of combinations will be possible, with so much variation between them that each powerset and character plays differently than every other. Not many games manage that kind of complexity, but Ship of Heroes will.

blaster1Very few MMOs allow you to fly around without a plane or a spaceship. Ship of Heroes improves on one of the best features in City of Heroes, allowing every hero to fly right from the start, with other transportation options becoming available over time. Apotheosis City is designed for flight, with lots of ledges and balconies to land on. We even have plans for aerial boss battles, including flying into alien aircraft in midair.

We’re building a PVP system that’s more than just duels and direct team battles. It will combine some of the best ideas from MMORPG, MMOFPS, and MOBA games, plus more of our own invention.  If you’ve ever thought that traditional player-versus-player games are too difficult for new players to learn, or ultimately just create a toxic community, you’ll be delighted with the easy learning curve and positive ambiance of Ship of Heroes.

Ship of Heroes is going to balance ease of play with complexity and diversity of content.  The thing that unites all of the elements we’re describing is a vision of a player experience like no other.  It’s going to be fun!